‘Scream Queens’ is back. Here are 5 ways to avoid spoilers without becoming a social media recluse

Scream Queens‘ is back… For the USA at least. Turns out, we’ve still got a little way to go before the show is aired on the 26th October, which is pretty scream-worthy in itself. Especially when we think about all the spoilers we have to somehow try and avoid.

Honestly, there is nothing worse than unintentionally reading something you shouldn’t that inevitably gives away vital plot or character details of a show you’ve been patiently waiting to watch for the past twelve months. So here are some of our very own tips to avoiding being majorly spoiled.

1. Don’t follow official accounts on Twitter, or any of the actors on Snapchat

That, or develop the technique to quickly tap through your fave actors’ Snapchat stories. If there’s anywhere that’s going to be dishing up some serious goss on TV shows, it’s right there and you don’t want any of that getting up in your feed’s grill when you’re scrolling.


2. Try not to go on social media when the show is airing

We know we’re trying to assist you in a way that doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey on your social media, but it’s best if you at least avoid those prime times when said show you are avoiding is currently on. Generally for the US, we’re zonko anyway, but, you know, just FYI…


3. Use any Blacklist tools you can

Tumblr offers an extension so that you can add a list of words you want to blacklist and this stops posts containing that subject from appearing on your dashboard. Note: You have to get a specific app for it to work on your phone, so safe scrolling if you’re using the official Tumblr app.


4. TweetDeck allows you to ‘mute’ things on Twitter

Just like Blacklist on Tumblr, TweetDeck offers a function for you to mute certain words on Twitter from appearing on your feed.


5. Obvious, but, like… Don’t click on any articles/websites that’ll be reporting on your TV show

We probably shouldn’t have to tell you this, but just don’t… don’t do that. It’s foolish and you’ll regret it, no matter how curious you are.


Tbh, there is an inevitability about spoilers these days. But we’ve learnt over the years quick reactions and the ability to speedily scroll can mean everything in terms of maintaining a spoiler free zone between you and your fave show.

It’s also  probs a good time to say that you should accept you’re going to get spoiled at some point, though… And to not get too mad about it.

What are your best spoiler avoiding methods? Tell us in the comments below!

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