Guess which ‘Twilight’ star is returning to our screens for ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2?

We haven’t seen much of him recently since his werewolf days. But it’s all OK, guys. No need to go crazy. Taylor Lautner is still serving up some wolfishly good-looking realness and now he’ll be debuting them on ‘Scream Queens.’ We now give you permission to scream…


Taylor Lautner announced over on his Instagram at the end of June that he would be joining ‘Scream Queens‘ for Season 2. As if we weren’t excited enough!

And now we’ve had some behind the scenes action over on Lea Michele’s Snapchat. That girl is truly a God send.

The Snapchat sees Taylor Lautner in his Dr. Cassidy Cascade costume. The character will reportedly be integral to Season 2, most of which is set in the asylum the Chanels were taken to at the end of the first season.

Suddenly going to get a check-up seems far more appealing, eh? We think we might start abandoning our apples so we can rushed off to be seen by Dr. Taylor Lautner himself.

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