MP! Interviews: We chat to Scott Adsit AKA the voice of Baymax from Big Hero 6! He really loves Baymax.

The latest Disney animation to have wowed the world, ‘Big Hero 6’ is such a huge hit. We love it, you love it, the entire globe loves it! We had the chance to have a natter with Scott Adsit who provides the voice of Baymax in the movie.

Scott and Baymax

Hi Scott! You play Baymax in ‘Big Hero 6’ how would you describe the character?

He is a huggable, loveable and and he’s very helpful and he goes on a very small journey of getting to know his creator and brother, Hiro. He forms a bond with his primary patient, which is his duty, but he finds family within Hiro and Hiro finds a new family within Baymax because Baymax goes through being kind of a baby where Hiro and then more into a brother where they share adventures and in the end, Hiro learns something from Baymax because he ends up as a fatherly figure.

The film is the second Disney movie to ever win an Oscar – how does that make you feel?

Pretty amazing! It was an incredible night. There was the six of us up in the last row of the balcony as the guests and nominees and we weren’t expecting to win at all! There was another film – a very good film – which had been winning all the awards up until then and we were quite surprised when they announced our name and we made a lot of noise on the balcony! But I’m very proud to be part of something so wonderful and I’m very happy to have made the people at Disney happy.

What’s your favourite part of being Baymax?

I love his comedy. I love being part of the team which created that character and I create part of it with his voice but there’s all these other animators who create the way he moves and walks and knocks stuff over *laughs* and reacts it’s just brilliant. I love that. I also love when kids find out that I’m the voice of Baymax and look at me like they don’t quite believe it because I don’t look like Baymax and when I do the voice for them they just melt and their smiles are big and it’s just wonderful! I’ve not done a lot of children’s media and this is the highest profile one I had. I’m so used to having adults appreciating my work and now I have these kids connecting to it- it’s very rewarding!

Baymax gif

That’s so heartwarming! So, how did you create the voice?

It started with when I saw the design which they already had before they hired me and had worked on for about a year. I saw that and I knew that he was meant to be a nurse and I gave my own voice a robotic rhythm like an automated phone system where those systems have programmed phrases.

Did doing the dialogue for ‘Big Hero 6’ feel like a big difference to your previous work which is more comedy based – or did this help with things like timing?

It’s all acting to me so there are comic scripts and serious scripts and the difference for me is that Baymax is a technical performance generally and that I know that he’s a robot which only has a few thousand ways of saying things and so I had to contain my ways and emotions. It’s different because I had to contain my performance and my voice and sometimes with my eyes closed so I could make sure that it wasn’t too robotic or too far into human and emotional. It gets very emotional! There were some occasions where I had to stop because the scene I was acting was emotional and I had to contain it.

That must have been hard! If you could take one feature from Baymax and have it as your own, what would it be?

I think an endless supply of lollipops! I don’t know where he keeps them!

Good idea! What are you like when your batteries run out like Baymax?

*Laughs* We’re gonna call that drunk! I’m very charming and very sexy. I’m much wittier! I do much better than I actually I am. I’ve only been drunk once, believe it or not! I don’t like the taste of it. I got drunk once in 2009 and had a wonderful evening and it went very well. I drank lots of water afterwards and had a big meal and went to bed sober. I didn’t get a hangover and had a pleasent time being drunk, but I don’t feel the need to do it again.

That’s the best way! What is your favourite scene from the film and why?

It always switches around everytime I see it but right now is where Baymax falls off the bridge and saves Hiro at the last second. That’s thrilling and that’s the movie to me.

There has been such a huge change in Baymax since he was a comic book character – which version of him do you prefer and why?

Well, I prefer the one I know better which is the Disney version. In the comic he is more Hiro’s father and with us he’s a brother and provides something that is not medical and he provides family for Hiro. So I like that version.

We love Baymax’s fist bump attempt, if you could fist bump anyone in the world who would it be?

*Laughs* Umm… I would have to say Paul McCartney!

In the movie they invent their own super hero powers, what would you invent to help you in real life?

Wow! Um, the ability to take back what I just said. Like rewind life like 10 seconds so I can re-say what I just said.

Very useful! Is there anything that Baymax does that reminds you of yourself or anyone else?

Well yeah, all the good things I like about myself, I find in Baymax. Not that there’s a huge list there but he’s informed me a little bit with his grace and patience and that’s affected my life a bit. I’m more softer and less edgy.

Would you like to see a sequel?

I’d love to! I’d love to see one if I wasn’t in it! I love that movie. I don’t know or if anyone knows if there’s going to be a follow up. But I’m ready to go, I’d love to be part of it and I think they’d want me back, which I’d be very happy for but even if they don’t, I’d love to see that movie – I love the characters!

Thanks, Scott! We hope to see you and Baymax very soon!

Big Hero 6 is out on DVD & Blu-Ray on May 26th.

Who’s your favourite character from BH6? Want to see a sequel? Tweet us your thoughts @maximumpop. We want a Baymax of our own, pls.

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