We know exactly why we’re all attracted to boybands. Forward this to your parents ASAP.

Sick of your parents teasing you over your obsession with boybands? Tired of people telling you “he’ll never know who you are”? Do you wonder why it is that you’re so attracted to boyband members?



We’ve got all the answers that you need. Is it their curly hair? Their bad-boy styled tattoos? Their perfectly tailored outfits? The way they hit those high notes?

No. It’s none of that. It’s all down to the science that goes into the formation of boybands. That’s right, we’re going all scientific on your asses.

Relationship therapist Paul Hokemeyer, Ph.D. has revealed that neuroplasticity is to blame for our obsessions. We have no idea how you pronounce that.

“This has to do with neuroplasticity and the way our brains crave the pleasures of our past. If your brain was imprinted with a pleasurable cause and effect, it will desperately hold onto that memory recall. We stick to what works.”

So basically, because we fell in love with One Direction on The X Factor, that’s why we also fell in love with The Wanted. And 5 Seconds of Summer. And Collabro. And Stereo Kicks. And any other boyband we can get our hands on. To be fair, the fact that some of them get their kit off probably doesn’t help, either.


And mum, Dr. Hokemeyer has told us that you like boybands just as much as we do, so stop pretending you don’t.

“They’re reminded of that infatuation they once experienced on a similar level and all of the memories come flooding back.”

So there we have it. You can’t mock us for loving a band of boys ever again. We’ve got a doctor’s note and everything.

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