The science behind why we have freckles is actually pretty interesting

Having freckles is a major trend right now, with those who are naturally endowed forcing the rest of us to turn to products like ‘freckle pencils’ so we can draw them on and feel involved too.

Poets may have been comparing the beauty marks to the nature of intergalactic constellations for years, but did you know there’s actually a scientific reason behind why we have them?


According to the YouTube series SciShow, freckles are produced by cells called melanocytes, which form small areas of skin that have an increase in melanin – the protein which produces the colour of your skin, hair and eyes so when more develops, you’re left with freckles.

They also explain why some of us get freckles when we’ve caught some sun on holiday. They come and go depending on how much we’ve been exposed to the sun, which is why your freckles fade in the winter.

Watch the full video below and prepare to have your mind blown by the extraordinary science of your body:

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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