Savan Kotecha lets us in on some secrets behind writing One Direction’s big hits

Savan Kotecha, one of the musical masterminds behind ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ recently shared with PopJustice exactly where the song’s inspiration came from. It’s not exactly as romantic as you might think.

Savan says, “I was literally taking a sh** at the Royal Garden hotel in London. My wife was on the other side of the wall and she was having one of those ‘I feel so ugly’ days. I shouted, ‘You’re not!’ and in my mind I was thinking, ‘Wow, that’s one of the great things about you is that you don’t know how beautiful you are and that’s what makes you beautiful.'”

Okay, minus the bathroom part, it is pretty romantic.

Another little songwriting secret Savan spills is about One Direction’s ‘One Thing,’ which he says was actually two different songs up until the time they cut it. “It was a chorus of one song and the verse from another and we couldn’t get either right,” Savan explains. “Sometimes it’s about not having pressure either, to allow those moments.”

When asked about One Direction’s musical developments, Savan says, “My theory with boybands is that it’s supposed to be a teenage girls’ thing. Their older sister’s not supposed to like it and if they do then you’re doing something wrong. It’s supposed to be a little bit like even the band themselves thinks it’s too corny, do you know what I mean? That’s what I told them in their early days. Then they feel the success and they want to take things into their own hands, which they’ve done a good job of. They’ve maintained that success.”

They’re definitely taking things into their own hands when it comes to songwriting, as it already looks like Harry and Louis have been penning songs themselves for the new album.

Along with 16 songs on One Direction’s first 3 albums, Savan has also written major hits like “DJ Got Us Falling In Love,” “Cool for the Sumer,” and “If U Seek Amy.”

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