7 sassy comebacks from pop stars including Louis Tomlinson, Michael Clifford and Zayn

Not everyone can keep their cool. Sometimes there’s someone or something that really gets you riled up. Even pop stars go through it. We love a bit of sass (in case you hadn’t noticed) so we’ve conjured up some of the best pop star comebacks for you to read and feel the burn.

Louis tea


We have no idea who Michael is talking to and it could be a pure indirect (even more savage. We applaud.) but we have since adopted this as our own comeback. YAS, Clifford.


YOWCH, ZAYN. We don’t know what happened behind the scenes but all we know is Z and Naughty Boy seemed to be BFFs for a period of time before Mr Malik turned around and gave this to the producer. Yikes. Would you like some aloe vera, NB? Because you just got one heck of a burn.


Of course, Tommo is the king of comebacks and sass, but this one was beautiful because some parents (for reasons we don’t even know) complained to their child’s school about 1D lyrics not being appropriate. It made the news and Louis addressed it to the nation – heck, worldwide – and really roasted them. Yikes.


When some girl, who went viral for about 5 minutes for doing something pretty repulsive, questioned Ariana’s fame, Miss Grande hit back with this bitchin’ response and we were floored.


When Jade posted RuPaul as her WCW, someone didn’t agree and Jade… well she schooled them with a seasoning of sass and we are so fricking proud. YAS, JADEY. YOU TELL ‘EM.


Sometimes the paparazzi don’t know when to stop and it can really pee off some people, including Liam Payne. So he decided to take his anger out on Twitter and this beaut of a comeback was born. LOVE IT.


You have to skip to the end, but after the band got hacked, Ashton encouraged the hackers to lick 5SOS’s butts. We think it’s funny, but we’ve got a slight feeling the cray cray hackers would actually take them up on that offer.

Well, we feel very sassy now. What comebacks do you think are totally savage that deserve to be honoured? Tweet us @maximumpop while we go drink our tea.

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