Sarah Harding’s solo album, Kelly quits X Factor, TW’s US tour guide and Jessie J’s crazy fans – gossip!

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Sarah Harding is planning to channel all her recent drama into a batch of new songs. The Girls Alouder has been busy writing material for her debut solo album and lots of the tracks are inspired by her recent rehab stint and traumatic breakups. Three labels are said to be interested in signing Sarah so an album could be with us sooner than we think. And if her new tattoo is anything to go by (Don’t be bitter: glitter) we can expect Sarah to set the literary world alight.

Queen of putting it down, Kelly Rowland is unlikely to return to this years X Factor. The singer is unsure about resuming her place in the judge’s chair after being shocked by the “circus” that surrounded the 2011 series. Simon’s apparently already on the prowl for fresh talent. If you get really stuck Si Alexandra Burke has been waiting by the phone since December.

Jessie J has been talking about some of her crazy fans. Apparently one devotee was so desperate to feel what Jessie felt when she injured her leg last year that she deliberately broke her own ankle! But wait there’s more: “Another locked me in a toilet once and then started taking photos of me. I was like: “Please let me wash my hands!.” We can categorically state that neither of those crazies were members of team MP! *Throws away crutch.*


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Michelle Keegan has set the record straight after all the rumours about her and Max George breaking up. She took to twitter yesterday for  a bit of a rant saying: “I haven’t ‘CALLED OFF’ the wedding, because we never set a date in the 1st place! Me and Max are happy” Everyone clear on that? Good.

More good news in affairs of the heart, Aston’s still single! After the JLS star was spotted having lunch with Hollyoaks actress Emma Rigby last week we’d resigned ourselves to the fact we’d never get to touch those glistening abs BUT Aston has denied he’s romancing Emma saying “I’m still very much a single man” Hurrah! We need to become bff’s with Rochelle though (shove off Frankie), Aston says he can’t wait to romance the bridesmaids at her wedding to Marvin in the spring!

Uh oh, there may be trouble ahead. The Wanted have landed themselves a celebrity tour guide when they hit Vegas for their US tour next month, Mike Tyson. The former boxing champ and star of The Hangover saw the boys on TV and has been in contact with their management to offer his services. Tom says “it’ll be The Hangover Part 3 with The Wanted boys. He wants to show us all the bars, clubs and hotels, it will be sick.” Spare a thought for poor Nathan who’s under the US drinking age, who wants to Nathan-sit for the night? We bet the pays good.


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