‘I was constantly guessing how things would pan out’. MP!er Abi reviews Sarah Crossan’s ‘One’.

Here at MP!, we have fallen in love with ‘One’, Sarah Crossan’s newest book following conjoined twin sisters, Tippi and Grace – and we want you to feel the exact same way.

We let the lovely Abi have a totally free copy in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

AbiName: Abi Webster
Age: 19

Rate the cover. I love the cover for the book and would rate it a 9/10. I like how it isn’t overly obvious that Tippi and Grace are conjoined but only linked by the braid in their hair, suggesting that they are two completely normal sisters.

What did you think of the book being written in verse? When I first noticed that the book was written in verse I was intrigued to see what effect it would have on how it read. I felt like I was reading Grace’s diary and that she wrote a few lines a day. I found this to be a very clever way of writing the book and found that it drew me further into Grace’s life as I was seeing things from her perspective. Also, in the way that the book is set out, leaving out Tippi’s perspective, it felt as though I was reading a post operation interview with Grace and that the blank spaces on the pages were where Tippi would be talking and that Grace is still pausing to allow Tippi to speak, as she has done for all of her life.
One Sarah Crossan
Did you have a favourite character?

My favourite character has to be Yasmeen. Purely because she is so accepting of the girls when they first join the school. I also like how she’s always sticking up for them and treats Tippi and Grace as if they are two individuals, unlike everyone else.

Was it what you expected? Did it surprise you in any way? The book is definitely what I expected it to be but not so much that I knew what would happen in the end. It is heavily implied that there won’t be a happy ending but I was constantly guessing as to how things would pan out.

Favourite line? ?My favourite line in the book is when Grace witnesses two girls desperately trying to get some signal on their phones ‘Isn’t it funny what people worry about when their lives are going swimmingly?’. I completely agree with this because it puts things in perspective and brings the realisation that although problems may seem big to us, some people would kill to have such small things going wrong on their lives.

Rate out of 10
I would rate this book a 9/10. It made me laugh and eventually sob, but also made me think about the lives of conjoined twins and what it’s like from their eyes, how people can have double standards on sharing their bodies for money and how sometimes what we perceive as life shattering problems, are in fact meaningless and are not worth worrying about.

Get your copy of ‘One’ right here.

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