MP!er Rachel reviews the ‘unique’ ‘One’ by Sarah Crossan, you won’t be disappointed reading this one, geddit?

Here at MP!, we have fallen in love with ‘One’, Sarah Crossan’s newest book following conjoined twin sisters, Tippi and Grace – and we want you to feel the exact same way.

We let the lovely Rachel have a totally free copy in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

rachelName: Rachel

Age: 24

Rate the cover. 10/10! I love the colour scheme of the cover, it really stands out from a lot of other books at the moment. The imagery used also portrays both the physical and emotional bond the twins share in the book really well. I know the saying goes that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but ‘One’ is a book that you definitely can!

What did you think of the book being written in verse? The way ‘One’ was written was the main reason I wanted to read it in the first place! It’s such an unusual and unique way of writing, but the story itself is so unusual that it seemed fitting. Some of the poetry was really poignant as well, and made the book enjoyable to read.

Did you have a favourite character? I know she is the main character and the voice of the story, but I loved Grace. Although her experiences were a lot different from mine, her outlook on life really reminded me of myself. As a reader, I felt like I could connect with her and understand her story, which is always a good thing.

One Sarah CrossanWas it what you expected? Did it surprise you in any way? I think what surprised me most about ‘One’ was that, although it deals with a topic that I don’t know much about, and one that hasn’t been dealt with in YA before, I really understood and connected with the story. I was really rooting for both Grace and Tippi all the way through. I was also really surprised by the ending, but I’m not going to spoil it for anyone by giving away any more!

Favourite line? I couldn’t possibly choose my favourite line from the book, there were just so many! If I had to pick a favourite poem though, it would probably be Christmas. That particular poem really touched me, and told a lot about both the story and the characters as individuals. It showed that, no matter what you are going through indvidually or as a family, everyone is just the same at heart.

Rate out of 10. It’s not often I do this, but I couldn’t give ‘One’ anything other than 10/10! I absolutely loved it, and would recommend it to everyone no matter what their usual reading interest is. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Get your copy of ‘One’ right here.

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