‘A fabulous book indeed’ MP!er Jess shares her thoughts on Sarah Crossan’s ‘One’.

Here at MP!, we have fallen in love with ‘One’, Sarah Crossan’s newest book following conjoined twin sisters, Tippi and Grace – and we want you to feel the exact same way.

We let the lovely Jess have a totally free copy in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

JessName: Jess Macculloch

Age: 16 years

Rate the cover. 10/10. The bold colours attract you to the book almost instantly. They just scream ‘Read me’. The picture then draws your eye and instantly you know this book is about love and a bond. When you see ‘One’ it just fills you up with warmth inside. You have to give credit to the illustrator (Luke Waller). The cursive writing draws you in as well. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but just by looking at it you know it’s going to be a good book.

What did you think of the book being written in verse? At first I was a bit confused. But when I started reading it I got it straight away. I actually thinks that it makes it tons better on the reader, less eye strain and its easier to remember where you were up to. The layout also seems to bring more emotions to the page which is exactly what a good book should do, make you feel not just about the characters but about yourself as well.

One Sarah CrossanDid you have a favourite character? I didn’t really have a favourite character but if I had to pick it would be Jon. Jon is the first one to treat them like separate people. He makes Grace feel normal. Grace is happy because of him. Tippi likes him too. He’s so kind to them both but not out of pity. He is generally their friend. A good person.

Was it what you expected? Did it surprise you in any way? No to be honest this book was nothing like I expected at all. It was obvious it was full of emotion but not the ones I was thinking off. It surprised me in a good way. I think a book is truly good when you can’t predict the ending and that’s how this book turned out. Shout outs to the author Sarah Crossan for doing such a good job. This book was full of surprises that you would never ever guess until you read them.

Favourite line? I have a few but my ultimate favourite is ‘ It is mine alone because I am the one who needs to tell it.” After everything Grace has decided to stand up and tell. To let people in and stop hiding. She’s going to show that she is proud of who she is. Grace is a role model and even after everything she’s being strong when she doesn’t have to.

Rate out of 10. 8.3/10 it is a truly amazing book filled with raw emotion and feelings. It’s a different story diverting away from the classic books. It really speaks for itself. It’s not a book that you can learn about by reading a review, you have to read it to truly understand it. A fabulous book indeed.

Get your copy of ‘One’ right here.

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