Looking for an easy read that’s a little different? MP!er Cody recommends Sarah Crossan’s ‘One’.

Here at MP!, we have fallen in love with ‘One’, Sarah Crossan’s newest book following conjoined twin sisters, Tippi and Grace – and we want you to feel the exact same way.

We let the lovely Laura have a totally free copy in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what she thought…

One Sarah CrossanName: Cody


Rate the cover. 10/10 so bright and lovely.

What did you think of the book being written in verse? I liked it. Made it very easy to read and was something a little different.

Did you have a favourite character? I liked Grace, she seemed really down to earth.

Was it what you expected? Did it surprise you in any way? I thought it might be really really sad from reading the blurb but there was some nice bits.

Favourite line? ‘In spite of it all we are smiling and I think I have probably never been so happy.’

Rate out of 10. 9/10 It is even better than ‘Weight of Water’ and ‘Apple and Rain’.

Get your copy of ‘One’ right here.

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