Download or Ditch: Sam Callahan – ‘Crazy’

Hello again to ‘Download or Ditch’, the ultimate guide to picking out new songs from across the pop world and giving them the old like or dislike treatment. Good, eh?

Sam Callahan is a hunky new boy on the block and he’s gone and unveiled stonking new single ‘Crazy’ – but is it worth hitting ‘download’ or is it more ctrl+alt+delete?

‘Crazy’ is a big old pop ballad about falling in love with someone and having your feelings maybe sort of reciprocated, something that’s quite sweet really. The song has an appropriately perfect holiday/summer romance vibe to everything with a guitar and synthesiser combo that really wouldnt feel out of place in a cute teen rom-com.

We aren’t trying to sway votes or anything but Sam also sent us this (if you haven’t already, look to the left)!

But back to the song, is it original? God no, it’s basically a Frankenstein’s monster of Justin Bieber’s mushy teen heartthrob shtick, One Direction’s catchy emotional boyband appeal and a template of the Jonas Brothers’ slower tunes. Do we mind? Of course not! Sam pulls it off with cheeky charm and makes it pleasant if not a breakout hit.

Check out the futuristic video for ‘Crazy’ (which reminds us of a sexy Iron Man and Google Glass mashup actually)and tell us what you think. Is Sam one to watch or are we ‘Crazy’ for thinking so? Voting is now closed!

It seems you went ‘Crazy’ for Sam Callahan as he won this Download Or Ditch with a massive 80.43%! Wowzers!

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