Sam Bailey has unveiled her album artwork and that’s that then. No, really. Pop Bits.

sambailey-thepoweroflovePOP BITS. X Factor winner Sam Bailey has unveiled a stripped-back look for her debut album ‘The Power of Love’, and it’s certainly… stripped back. We weren’t expecting whipped-cream boobs or anything, but something would have been nice.

The cover sees a smiling Sam reclining in a classic, if slightly cliche and plain setting. It suits Sam’s vocal thing and will look very good when you buy it for Mother’s Day because you’ve forgotten it’s Mother’s Day and you’ll buy anything in a rush.

Still, the album might be good, and Sam’s vocals are always pretty fantastic, so there’s hope. POP BITS OUT.

Check out Sam’s UK-number-one-winning single ‘Skyscraper’ down below.

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