The ‘Half Bad’ movie, fanfiction and new books: A Q&A with Sally Green

The finale of the ‘Half Bad’ trilogy is finally here and we’re both terrified and excited about one of our favourite series’ ending with the release of ‘Half Lost’ this week’. To soften to blow we quizzed Sally Green on the trilogy and what comes after:

Writer Sally Green Photo by Mark Allan

How scary/exciting/amazing is it that the ‘Half Bad’ series is coming to a close? Amazing – that the three years since I got my book deal has gone in a flash. Exciting – because I love ‘Half Lost’, the final book in the trilogy, and I know fans are keen to find out what happens. But it’s also sad because the trilogy has been a huge part of my life and I’ll miss the characters very much.

Have you got any plans for a new series yet? This is the scary bit! I’ve got two different ideas that I’m working on but I’m not sure that developing two things at the same time is that clever even though they’re quite different. Both are YA, both are dark and edgy but one is complete fantasy, the other is more real.

Tell us about plans to make ‘Half Bad’ a movie. It’s early days yet, but is there anything we should be marking on our calendars? I’m so excited about the film but it’s early days and movies take even longer to produce than books! I’m working with a British film company, ‘Imaginarium’, who are young and extremely innovative and they really get what the book is about.

half lostHow is ‘Half Lost’ different from the first two books? ‘Half Lost’ continues Nathan’s story so has much of the same feel of realism and violence but ‘Half Lost’ is a lot more emotional and a little more mystical than the earlier books. The war against the White witches continues, and Nathan is suffering from PTSD so his behaviour and lack of communication pushes Gabriel to the limit of what he can endure. There are two new characters and many of the same ones from the earlier books.

Will Gabriel/Nathan shippers be satisfied? Well, that would be a spoiler wouldn’t it. But I will say there is a lot more of Gabriel and his relationship with Nathan in ‘Half Lost’.

Do you read ‘Half Bad’ fan fiction? Yes, I love it! I love the idea that fans want to spend time with the ‘Half Bad’ characters, develop stories and different lives for them, and they clearly give a lot of thought to how the characters would act in different circumstances. I write my own fan fiction too on Tumblr under ‘At home with SallyGreen’, where the characters live at home with me. It’s a little hard to explain without me sounding very strange.

Anything super secret about the finale you can reveal to us? We’ll accept riddles if you’d like to be cryptic. I’ll tell you three things as three gifts are part of the Giving ceremony. Firstly: one of the gifts that Nathan received from his father has a big significance for Nathan and Gabriel. Second: there’s a chapter towards the end called ‘Diving Off the Cliff’ but no one has come close to guessing what that is about, but it’s indicated partway through ‘Half Lost’. Thirdly: the name of the place where Nathan and Annalise used to meet in ‘Half Bad’ does have a significance in the end.

Finally, because we all want to know where the magic happens, send us a picture of where you write.



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