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And the winners are… WIN! 1 of 6 pairs of M&G tickets to see Sabrina Carpenter on tour with The Vamps, plus an exclusive interview!

Get to know the latest Disney star!

It’s a fact that quite a few of today’s most popular stars kicked off their career on the Disney Channel.

The queen of Insta Selena Gomez started off as the queen of sarcasm, Alex Russo, on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’.

We first met fetus Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato at ‘Camp Rock’.

It seems like a distant memory now but, before she went all wrecking ball on us, Miley Cyrus played prim, proper and oh so adorable Hannah Montana.

And the list goes on. The Disney Channel is literally a hit factory churning out the best pop stars in the world, and that’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for the next breakout star from Disney original shows. And tbh we think we’ve found one in the petite and perfect form of Sabrina Carpenter a.k.a Maya Hart from ‘Girl Meets World’

Sabrina Carpenter
Credit to Sarah Barlow

Of course, Sabrina Carpenter has actually been around for quite a while, having released her debut album ‘Eyes Wide Open’ in 2015, but the blonde bombshell has been busy honing her craft and we think that she about to explode very soon. Better jump on the bandwagon before everyone else!

Sabrina released her second album ‘EVOLution’ in October last year and is about to go on tour in the UK supporting The Vamps. We managed to snatch a few minutes with Sabrina to find out just what she has in store for us all.

Sabrina Carpenter EVOLution
Credit to Sarah Barlow

MP!: Hi Sabrina. Could you tell me where exactly you are in the world right now?

Sabrina: In Los Angeles California, my home.

MP!: Oh amazing. Did you just get back from Japan?

Sabrina: I did a few days ago. I don’t know if I still have jet lag but I can blame a lot of the wrong things I say on that!

MP!: Haha, so we wanted to talk about your new single ‘Thumbs’, which has just come out in the UK. It’s got quite a serious existential message actually. Could you explain what this song means to you and the intension behind it?

Sabrina: Immediately upon hearing the song, I felt it was something different that I hadn’t heard in a while. It tells the story in a way that’s like a narrative. I think it calls to everyone in the world and once you hear it you can relate to it because we all have moments when we feel like maybe we aren’t reaching our full potential because somebody is holding us back. It’s about staying outside of mediocrity, not following the crowd, not being too comfortable and using what we have to take us to greater levels because you know there is so much going on in the world.

MP!: Your new music is very different to what you’ve done previously. How would you compare and contrast your new music to your first album ‘Eyes Wide Open’?

Sabrina: I started writing ‘Eyes Wide Open’ when I was 13 and ‘EVOLution’ when I was 16. 13 and 16 are completely different. You’re in a completely different time in your life, thinking about different things. So ‘Eyes Wide Open’ was a much more acoustic and friendship-driven and focused on being yourself. ‘EVOLution’ showed a lot of growth which is why I called it that. There is a lot more maturity and different genres. I was just kind of wanting to be able to grow with my fans and to refer to what is happening in their lives.

MP!: So where do you go after the evolution?

Sabrina: I think we’ll find out. I think luckily there’s always room to grow. I think for me that was the perfect way to describe that time in my life because I wanted to tie in theme of love and growth and the first four letters of evolution backwards are love. But for the next record I could do the complete opposite. Maybe I’ll take a step back, maybe I’ll go back in time. I don’t know what it’ll be exactly but I am working on it now. I’m very excited for people to see what it is.

MP!: So you’re already back in the studio working on a new album?

Sabrina: Let’s not call it an album, I’m always working on music. Yeah I mean eventually, I think it is important to keep making bodies of work especially because we eat up songs, albums and singles so quickly now and we just forget about them. Yeah so it’s important to keep making these complete stories. At least for me.

Sabrina Carpenter
Credit to Sarah Barlow

MP!: Which female pop star embodies feminism for you, who do you look up to?

Sabrina: I think personally, I’ve always admired Beyoncé. It just feels like she’s not trying in any sort of way but she is just herself. She’s that confident, strong woman that does what she puts her mind to and is in control of her life. And I don’t know her personally but from what I’ve seen of her, she has that control and power without having to ask for it, without having to tell people that she does. She just is and I think that is a very strong message for a lot of young women growing up in this world where it is very hard on a lot of us for many different reasons. I think Beyoncé is a very strong confident woman. And her music rocks!

MP!: Yeah that is undeniable. So, who is your style inspiration?

Sabrina: My style inspiration would probably be Rihanna, which is completely kind of different from who I am. But I do like how every day is a new day and you don’t really know what she’s gonna do next. I like that there are no rules. She’s just who she is. She’s very  bold about stuff changing her hair and her makeup. I’m not as bold and daring as that, but I would like try things that I won’t regret later.

MP!: So obviously you started out on ‘Girl Meets World’. What was your reaction to it being cancelled earlier this year? And do you think it would ever come back for a second season?

Sabrina: My reaction was obviously sad. You grow up on a set with these people around you – the cast, the crew and the producers and writers. I mean really you become somewhat a dysfunctional family and I think you know that you’re not going to have that kind of safety net around you and a place to go to where you can be completely comfortable and it’s scary because you’re like, okay I have to grow now. So we were all sad but it’s a matter of not letting it bring you down. So we’re kind of just super happy for each other that we’re so close and we’re working on other things. And who knows, it could come back, we’ve heard a lot of different rumours, nothing official yet but if it does, that would be fun.

MP!: Did you see it as a sign that you should focus on your music?

Sabrina: Well, when we finished filming ‘Girl Meets World’, we just looked at it as if we were on a break from filming, because they didn’t tell us till much later that it wad cancelled. But then I realised that I could tour finally which I couldn’t do for my first album, but it was never a thing of like “I can get out of this and do what I wanna do”. I was super lucky that in the past four years I was able to do both. But yeah I’m looking forward to this year and there’s other projects between so it’ll be very fun.

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MP!: Some of the most popular pop stars right now originated on Disney Channel, such as Nick Jonas, Miley and Selena. Which alumni do you admire the most and do you think that their start on the Disney channel has been the key to their success?

Sabrina: Oh that’s a good question. Honestly, I think that all of them are successful for different reasons and they were able to transcend the image of what people perceive as a Disney kid. We forget that Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears all came from Disney Channel. I admire all of them for many different reasons I think. For Ariana too it was super cool that she was not necessarily the star of her show but she was able to rise in her own unique way and has done so incredibly well.

MP!: Do you think their musical success could be down to people having grown up with them and therefore feeling a kind of familiarity to them? Do you think that you’ll be able to harness that with your music?

Sabrina: Well I am not a future teller but all I know is that I’ve always had a passion for both acting and singing so hopefully to be able to tell all kinds of stories to all audiences. It helps to become a little more universal which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know where the future will take me but I’m hoping that I can tell a lot of stories.

MP!: In your opinion is it possible to get too famous too early? Because obviously you started out very young on ‘Girl Meets World’.

Sabrina: I think it’s hard because is out of your hands. There were some people growing up that would tell me to not peak too early. I was always very determined from a very young age that I could do things no matter what my age was, I don’t know, I think that different people different situations. Some people start very young and are successful as adults. Some people start in their 20s, 30s and are still able to do very well. I started at a very young age so that’s my story but if I fade away within a few years then maybe I did start too early, but if I don’t, then I guess I didn’t haha!

MP!: Often people who have started out on shows really early are very mature for their age. Do you feel like child stars miss out on their childhood? What’s your opinion on that?

Sabrina: I guess it’s a different kind of mindset to know what you’re getting into which I didn’t in the beginning but once you’re into it, it is a learning process. I think people see it as a lot of work but to me filming was like a fun school day. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything, especially because some people start when they’re only months old and I was eleven. I didn’t go to a school dance, but I feel like they aren’t that good anyway!

MP!: Well to be fair, you’re not missing out on much. And we don’t have proms in the UK anyway.

Sabrina Carpenter
Credit to Sarah Barlow

MP!: You recently said that you’re watching the new Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’. Have you finished yet? What are your impressions and do you think it’s important to tackle really hard hitting topics like teen suicide on TV shows?

Sabrina: I finished it the other day and I’m honestly just so angry for so many reasons at different characters, but I’m definitely overanalysing it. But it really put into perspective how we don’t realise what is going on in other people’s lives and how we can be too judgemental of other people. We don’t realise how the smallest of words, the smallest of actions hurt and you don’t know what other people have said to someone.

I think it’s about how if we have the opportunity to say something kind to someone, we should take that and how it may seem very small but it can be very important. And I think to be able to talk about it in a TV show is such a big thing for our generation right now, you can completely relate to it. ’13 Reasons Why’ is a show you feel you could see yourself in.

We tried to do that on ‘Girl Meets World’, especially because we were kind of growing into high school in our show so we just wanted to make it seem as real as possible with the kind of topics we were covering. We wanted to make sure that kids that didn’t have a perfect family life could relate to it or kids that had to start afresh and were the new kid at school and moved in from another place, or kids that were getting bullied. I feel like they saw a piece of themselves in the show so I think it’s really good that we were able to cover topics like that on television that reach people our age.

MP!: You obviously really enjoyed it ’13 Reasons Why’.

Sabrina: Yeah! And I don’t watch a lot of TV so the fact that I watched it in the first place is like mind blowing to me.

MP!: I also wanted to ask you about your upcoming tour with The Vamps. Do you know them well already and would you ever consider working with them?

Sabrina: I’m excited to get to know them more, I’ve got to hang out with them a few times and they’re all so fun and sweet and charming. They’re gonna be incredible. I’m so excited to be able to go on tour with them. And we’ve already talked about writing something!

MP!: Thanks Sabrina. Good luck with the tour!

Sabrina: Thanks!

You could win 1 of 6 pairs of tickets to see Sabrina Carpenter who is supporting The Vamps on tour. Tickets include a meet and greet with Sabrina herself. We have 1 pair of tickets to give away to each of these dates:

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Terms and Conditions

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  • Comp is open worldwide but does not include travel or accommodation.
  • Tickets will be available to collect on the door. 

(Header image credit to Sarah Barlow.)

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