QUIZ: Pick a QUEEN and get a body positive quote

“We’re all born naked and the rest is drag!”

Listen up, queens! From one queen to another, we’ve got a fierce af quiz that will knock your socks off. Love RuPaul’s Drag Race? Well, you’re in the right place as this quiz contains all your fave contestants.

RuPaul’s show is full of amazing messages about love and self-acceptance. Sure, there may be a little shade here and there, but we always come away from it with a feeling that we can do just about anything.

In many ways, Charli Howard‘s new memoir ‘Misfit’ does the same. The book is all about body positivity and encourages originality and self-love in the same way Drag Race does. After all, one size doesn’t fit all and Charli’s on a mission to prove it.

‘Misfit’ documents Charli’s battles with bulimia and anxiety. She openly discusses the pressure she faced to “fit in” and the drastic lengths she went to in order to do so. Don’t take our word for it, though. You can watch Charli read an extract from Misfit in the video below.


Like it? Thought so. We’ve decided to combine our love for Charli’s new book with RuPaul’s Drag Race in a brand new quiz.

All you’ve got to do is pick your favourite queen in the quiz below. Once you’re done, we’ll give you a body positive quote from ‘Misfit’. In the word of RuPaul; “I can’t wait to see how this turns out…”

What quote did you get? Let us know in the comments below. You can find out more about ‘Misfit’ by clicking here. Happy reading!

Start reading ‘Misfit’ by Charli Howard…

I am not normal.
From the ages of four to six, I thought I was a dog. A
German shepherd, to be precise, though I could also be a
Dalmatian, depending on my mood. The dogs I grew up
with were spoiled and loved, and played around all day, so
that’s what I decided I wanted to become.

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