My Global Tour: Amy Alward tells us which 8 essential items you need to pack if you’re going on tour

It’s not just Amy Alward’s heroine Sam that goes on daring adventures around the world, Amy herself has been off travelling the planet. Her Instagram (right here) makes us want to cry with jealousy…


But an adventure, even one where you’re not on a quest to save your granddad, takes some clever packing. Amy’s sharing her essentials for a trek around the globe!

In ‘The Potion Diaries: Royal Tour’, Sam Kemi sets off on another adventure with her boyfriend, Zain, and her newest best friend, Princess Evelyn. For the past six months, I’ve been on a world tour of my own, travelling around South America with my backpack and notebook. Here are EIGHT global tour essentials I couldn’t live without:

A sarong

My favourite item in my backpack! A pretty printed sarong can perform quadruple duty: a towel, a cover up (especially useful for visiting temples in hot countries), a blanket for cold bus journeys and they work as a perfect mat for an impromptu beach visit.

super important

A head torch

A camping necessity, but also good to bring along if you’re hosteling! It works as a nightlight, so you don’t have to wake up your sleeping dormmates when you come in late or if you have to leave early in the morning – they’ll appreciate it! (Earplugs are also a hostel dorm room must!)

A universal sink plug

This might be a strange one (you can find them in most local hardware stores) but they’re SO useful if you plan on doing any laundry in the sink! Perfect for when you don’t have time to find a laundrette.


A Mooncup

One for the girls: I am a mooncup addict. Sanitary pads and tampons aren’t as available in some parts of the world as they are in the UK and I didn’t fancy carrying six months worth of tampons in my backpack (who has the room?!). Whilst it might be a bit intimidating to use at first, after one cycle I was hooked and I’ve never looked back.

A multi-USB international charger

For device-lovers like me, charging everything in a hostel (while competing for plug points with others in the room) can be a challenge. My life-saver was a charger with multiple USB slots, with exchangeable adapters for different countries.


An online Dropbox

The worst-case travel scenario happened to a friend of mine: his backpack with his passport, money, devices, and clothes was stolen on an overnight bus. His life-saver? Keep copies of passports, travel insurance details, immunisations and flight details in a secure ‘cloud’ account like Dropbox so it can be accessed by any computer, anywhere in the world.

A Kindle

Kindles (and other e-readers) are the BEST invention for book-loving travellers. Yes, I still travelled with 7 paper books (oops) that I could exchange on the road, but with my Kindle I was able to keep up with my favourite series, new releases and top-up my reading pile whenever I had wifi.

book hug agnes

A writing notebook

Where would I have been without my journal? Even if you’re not a professional writer, a notebook to keep track of those special travel moments and thoughts will be invaluable. You’ll be surprised by how much you forget when you’re seeing amazing things every day.

Want to see my full packing list for my gap year? You can see it on my blog.

Grab your copy of ‘Royal Tour’ right here.

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