9 Magical Things from the #RoyalTour Launch we totally weren’t expecting

Yesterday we at Maximum Pop! were privileged enough to be able to attend the launch of Amy Alward’s new book, ‘Potion Diaries: Royal Tour’.


Here are 9 amazing things we discovered while there.

1. These books look stunning together, you need a pair on your shelf.


There’s just something about coming into a bookshop and seeing a whole table of ‘Potion Diaries’, and now ‘Potion Diaries: Royal Tour’ as well that make you irresistibly covet.

2. Books taste delicious!

20160818_183633 (1)

Or at least they do in the form of adorable little book cupcakes.

3. Royal books need royal things to go with them.

20160818_201612 (1)

Amy was signing everyone’s books with a beautiful gold pen and of course everyone toasted with this finest of champagne.


4. Royal Tour is the first book Amy has written as a full time writer. Before this she managed to juggle her writing around a very busy job.


5. Amy spent her year while writing Royal Tour travelling all over the world. She visited lots of places that helped her inspire the book. Including the Amazon. This, we have been told, is the perfect place to find potions ingredients.

Back from the jungle, learning about Amazon potions and poisons for #potiondiaries!

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6. Amy’s Instagram feed is too beautiful.

20160818_194019 (1)

The bookshop for the launch was decorated with beautiful photos from Amy’s Instagram, showing all her magical travels.

7. But travelling while writing wasn’t always easy. Sometimes Amy’s publishers would have to wait to receive the next part of the book because Amy would be spending a week on a boat on the middle of the Atlantic ocean, which apparently doesn’t have great WiFi.

8. Everyone has that special place they would love to go on their ‘Royal Tour’.

Amy had a chalk board at the launch and everyone attending wrote out the place they would most like to visit. Some were more fictional (I mean, who doesn’t want to visit Narnia) but the real world was also very well covered.

9. Zoella is basically Amy’s Fairy Godmother.

Yay for bunting!

We know Zoella absolutely love Amy’s books. She picked the first Potion Diaries book for her book club and she loves this one as well (so much so that she signed a copy for you lot to win >link<). Amy thanked Zoella in her speech, she completely couldn’t have done it without her.

*The ‘Royal Tour’ book launch was reported on by our secret agent @StevieFinegan.

You can get your copy of ‘Royal Tour’ right here!

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