The Big Interview: Rough Copy

The skirt-wearing cool kids of this year’s X Factor, Rough Copy, have become as famous for their, erm…interesting outfits as they have for their singing. We grabbed Sterling for a quick chat about good ol’ Gazza Barlow, dating [obvs, we love a gossip] and THOSE skirts. Which aren’t actually called skirts, people. Turns out Sterling is also fond of making up new words and wouldn’t mind getting in on the McBusted action. Here’s what else we found out:

How did you get together?

We met five years ago when Kaz was looking for a group to enter South’s Got Talent [a talent competition in Croydon]. We’ve been performing as Rough Copy ever since!

What’s life like in the X Factor house?

Every day is pretty busy. There’s a lot of hard work – radio interviews, press days, filming…but we’re enjoying the luxury too. We get a lot of trips out and pretty much do what we want in our free time.

What’s Gary Barlow like as a mentor?

He’s amazing, we call him Uncle Gary! He knows what he’s talking about and is never too serious. He’s not a control freak either; we really respect him.

Your wish to duet with him came true last week at a charity gala – how was it?

Amazing! We’d love to do a Take That and Rough Copy supergroup. Just like McBusted have done. In fact, we could even join them! We’d call it RoughMcBusted. [or may we suggest McRoughSted, boys?]

You’re infamous for your man-skirts – would you wear them out?

Yeah, totally! [Excuse us while we picture Sterling popping out for a pint of milk in his skirt.] We love fashion and want to set new trends. We try not to follow the current season or just wear whatever is ‘in’ at the time. We saw Kanye West wearing one and thought it was cool, pretty daring…then we wore them in front of 12 million X Factor viewers! Oh, and they’re called ‘overlays’ not man skirts! [Duly noted, boys.]

Any romance in the X Factor house?

[At this point, Sterling comes over all coy] Not that I know of…I tend to keep myself to myself really.

Are you taken or single? Would you be tempted to date a fan?

No, I think that would be a dangerous thing to do! I’m single at the moment. Mingle and ready to single…oh no, wait, that’s not what I meant…I’ve just made up a new phrase! See, I’m setting trends again. But seriously, music is the only lady for me at the moment.

Musically who inspires you?

So many people…Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Gary Barlow…I’m not just saying that because he’s our mentor. Now we know him and have seen him in action I can say he is truly amazing.

If you weren’t on the X Factor what would you be doing?

We’d still be gigging and trying to get recognition. We never quit!

Will you stay mates with fellow X Factor contestants after the competition?

Definitely. We love the Kingsland Road boys. And we’d also like to stay in touch with Nicky, Luke and Hannah.

What’s the song you wish you’d written?

Thriller by Michael Jackson. Imagine how rich we’d be!

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