MP! Reviews: Room 94 on tour with Andy Jordan – Oxford O2 Academy2

Fancy going to see Room 94 play on tour with Andy Jordan?

Urrmmm yes, please and thank you is the correct answer! The Room 94 lads have pretty much got it all going on right now, after getting their super-catchy party album, ‘No Strings Attached’ in the top 40 it’s been non-stop for the rock-pop outfit ever since.

Kieran, Sean, Dean and Kit are currently travelling the country on a 20 date tour as special guests for Made in Chelsea hottie Andy Jordan. MP! thought it’d be rude not to go down to a show…

Being at the Oxford O2 Academy2, the gig venue was pretty intimate – which is absolutely fine by us, the closer to that stage we can get the better. Not creepy at all… The guys performed an acoustic set, which is slightly different from their usual vibe – but they still rocked the stage and most definitely got the crowd going.Judging by the deafening screams, there were certainly some rather enthusiastic ‘Roomies’ in the house.

The set kicked off with a few favourites from the album including ‘Kiss Me Like You Mean It’…anytime boys, anytime. MP! then unleashed the amazing vocal talents we were blessed with, screeching along to ‘When I Was A Teenager’, ‘Superstar’, ‘The Morning After’ and ‘Chasing the Summer’. An acoustic set wouldn’t be complete without a cover or two though and the guys most definitely did not disappoint. They treated the crowd to 1D’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ – (dedicated to MP! Obvs), ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, T.Swizzles ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ and 5SOS’s ‘She Looks So Perfect’. Phewww you really do like to spoil us boys!

The lads even got into the World Cup spirit, and donned England shirts on stage. Footie shirts and guitars, not a combination we were expecting…

Throughout the show it was clear the guys had a lot of supporters in the room and so they should – they’re still on tour with Andy until July 6th, so if you can make it down to one of the shows, we deffo recommend – you will not be disappointed! If you can’t though, fear not – just pass the time by watching their hilarious videos on YouTube (we never do this or anything). By the looks of the video for their latest single ‘When I Was a Teenager’ these guys know how to party, can we like get an invite to the next one or?

These lads are definitely the ones to watch this year and we can’t wait to hear more from them! And of course Andy himself put on a fantastic show – along with his pretty impressive band. He treated us to a few brand new numbers, as well as tracks from his EP ‘Geography’. We can’t actually seem to get it out of our head. If you haven’t yet, go give it a listen! Although we warn you, it WILL be stuck in your head all day!

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