Mahoosive news from Room 94: They’ve only gone and signed a record deal!

This year has been a pretty good one for the Room 94 lads so far. Their album ‘No Strings Attached’ (which we’ve had on repeat since release) made it into the top 40 charts, and they seem to be reeling in followers by the minute! Things just got a little bit better for these four lovely lads though – they’ve spilled the beans and announced they are now signed to indie label Geoma Records!

The boys commented: “We met with a few major labels but it just wasn’t right. It’s cool to be noticed by them, but what’s the point in changing who we are just to please them.”

Well we’re pleased to see these boys are keen on sticking to who they are and can’t wait to hear more from them! In the meantime though, we’ll have another watch of the video for ‘When I Was A Teenager’, we definitely don’t wish we were at that party or anything…looks rubbish. (Yes we’re one hundred percent lying to ourselves.)

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