Room 94 interview: pastry-based insults, Selena Gomez and touring with Union J

Making noise on tour with with Union J, ranking baked goods as insults, and perfect house party planning. It’s Room 94 chatting exclusively with Maximum Pop!. Let’s go.

You’re hitting the road with your ‘No Strings Attached’ tour. If you could pick a famous person to have a no strings attached affair with, who would it be?
Everyone: Selena Gomez! She is amazing!!

Your new single is called ‘When I Was a Teenager’. What was the stupidest thing you did when you were a teenager?
Kieran: Sneaking into clubs with fake ID.
Kit: Shaved my head.
Dean: Selling sweets at school behind the canteen’s back.
Sean: Got a tattoo.

At the end of your new video for your new single ‘When I was a teenager, the phrase ‘absolute donut’ is used as insult. Where do you think donut ranks in the hierarchy of pastry-based insults?
Kit: Donuts are quite nice, so it’s not too insulting. Being called a pie would suck, that sounds worse hahaha.
Sean: Yeah and I don’t like pies so it already sounds worse.

Where did the name Room 94 come from?
Kieran: we like to make up loads of different stories , but the real answer is it’s the practice room from school we used to play in.

What made you choose Room 94 as opposed to the previous 93 rooms?
Sean: The other 93 rooms were to small, and 94 is a nice even number.

Describe your sound in three ice cream flavours?
Dean: Neapolitan, that’s the one with 3 flavours isn’t it!? A bit of something for everyone! With some sprinkles too, and chocolate sauce to keep it interesting

In your new music video you guys throw a pretty insane house party. What makes a good house party and what makes a bad house party?
Good House party:

  • Girls
  • DJ
  • Wide selection of drinks
  • Party props – inflatables

Bad party:

  • Not enough music
  • Not enough people
  • Small room
  • Too many strangers

What would be your signature dance move at a party?
Kieran: The worm.
Sean: The Macarena.
Kit: The clap.
Dean: The robot.

If you each were a cocktail, what would you be? Would WKD be involved?
Sean: We love cocktails! Nahhh I’d leave WKD out of mine!
Kieran: Sex on the Beach
Kit: Pornstar – it’s a real cocktail! It’s nice.
Dean: Woo Woo.
Sean: Margarita.

You’ve recently been on tour with Union J. Can you give us any backstage gossip?
Kieran: Nothing too crazy has happened backstage! We play a lot of FIFA and have tournaments going on.
Sean: We play pranks on the other support acts, we’re like the bad influences on everyone.
Dean: The party starters haha.

Would you ever pull a McBusted and merge yourselves with another boy band? If so, which band would it be?
Dean: Imagine if we joined with one direction, that would be huge!!
Sean: There would be loads of us on stage! Haha that would be awesome.
Kit: 94 Directions / 1 Room… I dunno what we would call it.

Finally, tell us why Maximum Pop! Readers should go buy your new single?
Kieran: It’s an awesome song, and a taste of what our album is going to sound like! At the minute you can only pre-order the album to get ‘When I Was A Teenager’ so check it out on iTunes! It’s out on the 10th March!!

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