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QUIZ: What % of a romantic are you?

Are you as romantic as Lo?

Is it us or are things getting a bit steamy in here? Love is in the air here at Maximum Pop! and we want to know how much of a romantic you are. We’re gonna drill you on your love life and have come up with an epic quiz that reveals EVERYTHING.

Do you believe in true love? Are you the type to turn up on your partner’s *cough* Harry Styles’ door with a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates? We’ve been thinking about romance a lot and you guys have Lisa Heathfield’s brilliant new book to thank for that.

‘Flight of a Starling’ was released back in June and it’s hands down one of the most heartbreaking YA reads you’ll delve into all year. The story follows sisters, Rita and Lo. They’ve grown up in the circus and spend their evenings flying through the air in a magical trapeze act.

It all sounds pretty fancy, right? Well, Rita and Lo’s life isn’t always bright lights and rounds of applause. Secrets begin to tear their family apart – particularly when Lo starts a forbidden romance that she knows her family won’t approve of.

But, that’s the thing about Lo. She’s a romantic through and through. She’ll go above and beyond in the name of love and won’t let anyone stand in her way when it comes to seeing the swoon-worthy Dean.

Are you as romantic as Lo? Take our quiz below to see. All you need to do is answer 9 questions. Once you’re done we’ll reveal what % of a lovebird you are.

Start reading ‘Flight of a Starling’ by Lisa Heathfield

‘The air in the alleyway sticks to my skin. The bricks sit too close, pushing grief deeper into me. I stop to touch the walls.
Were you here, Lo?

I listen for a reply. Listen hard for her laughter, but it’s not here. The silence grips so hard at my heart that I don’t know how I breathe.’

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What % of a romantic are you? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Once you’re done, share the quiz with your friends and get them to tell us their scores.

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