Check out why everybody is loving the explosive sequel to ‘Talon’, ‘Rogue’

‘Talon’ is the story of a dragon in disguise as a teenage girl with dragonhunters hot on her heels in sunny California. Add a pinch of surfing, a large dollop of Romeo and Juliet-like romance, and a lot of firepower, and you’ve got MP!’s current fave book.

Well, series.

‘Talon’s thrilling sequel, ‘Rogue’, is really heating things up in YA lit circles, proving Julie Kagawa knows just how to keep us guessing.

Bloggers are all saying how ‘Rogue’ is definitely a step up from ‘Talon’, shaking off the possible snare of a love-triangle -dependent plot. Instead, Julie Kagawa cranks up the “badass-ness”, as book blogger Abi Marie said, and turns Ember into a real rogue soldier.

Aly Locateli, review for 100PercentRock magazine, also noticed how Ember had gone from “shy, naive hatchling to rogue-soldier in training, desperate to help Riley free more hatchlings from Talon, no matter the cost” – so be ready for Ember to ditch her surfboard for some hard line weaponry.

As much as the book moves away from a focus on the love triangle, no one can help talking about it. Samantha Stewart, blogger at ‘The Secret Life of a Bookworm‘ voiced her strong Team Garrett loyalties, while Abi noticed how Riley’s character growth really made him more loveable.

So, really, what you’re looking at for this must-read sequel is a killer plot which strays from the typical love-triangle root – oh, and a kick-ass heroine who breathes fire. Sweet.

Get your hands on ‘Rogue’ ASAP – after all, it’s only £2.99 for your Kindle right now.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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