Talon Saga: MORE people are totally loving ‘Rogue’, book 2 in this explosive series

If you loved ‘Talon’, then you really need to get your hands on book 2 in our new favourite, fire-breathing series, ‘Rogue’. Picking up directly where ‘Talon’ left off, ‘Rogue’ is the fast-paced, kick-ass sequel all Talon fans had been waiting for.

We had a look through some reviews, and found that a bunch of Kagawa followers felt the same way we did: ‘Rogue’ is a book you need on your bookshelf.

‘The Readers Corner’, for one, was loving the chapters focusing on Cobalt/Riley’s past, as did Anya from ‘An Awful Lot of Reading‘. Here at MP! we felt the same – we’re slowly falling for Riley the more we dig into his past. He’s just a big softie really – well, beneath all the fireproof scales and bad-ass persona. Trust us.

Another thing reviewers picked up on was the chapters from Dante’s point of view, giving Talon fans a look into how Ember’s twin brother’s head works – and it’s a little bit twisted up there. Actually, a lot. ‘The Readers Corner’ noted what an interesting character he had become with the added focus on his involvement in Talon, so readers who haven’t powered through ‘Rogue’ yet have that to look forward to.

Of course, ALL the reviewers we looked at were totally torn between Riley and Garrett when it came to Ember’s heart – and we can’t make up our minds either. ‘Escapism’ perhaps got it right when she said her heart would be broken either way.

Another common mention was the horrendous cliffhanger ending – because Julie Kagawa clearly enjoys torturing her readers and leaving them hanging on for a year for a third book. Clearly, it’s the best kind of pain.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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