MP!er Naomi reviews Robyn Schneider’s ‘Vibrant & Beautiful’ ‘Extraordinary Means’.

If you are an avid reader looking for a new read or someone who hasn’t ventured further than the Twilight Saga or Harry Potter potter at the thought of a ‘blah’ experience. We have the perfect thing to get you back on that literature horse. Well Robyn Schneider does, it’s her book not ours…

Our mate and MP!er Naomi applied to read ‘Extraordinary Means’ through our You Review section in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what’s on her bucket list shall we?

mp_booksName: Naomi

Age: 14

One thing on your bucket list: To meet the 1975

Had you heard of Robyn Schneider before reading ‘Extraordinary Means’? If not, would you consider reading more of her books? Yes, I had heard about Robyn Schneider before reading this book but I actually had never read one of her books before. I will definitely be picking up more of her books.

What do you think of the cover? I thought that the cover was breathtaking and absolutely beautiful. It was so creative and I loved it!

9781471115486Did this book meet you expectations, or surprise you? This book was definitely higher than my expectations. I never thought that it would be so funny and laid back. I didn’t expect all the characters to act in a certain way.

Who was your favourite character? My favourite character of the book was Sadie because of her laid back personality and her fearlessness. She was afraid to do anything to do anything and did’t let her sickness take over her life.

Did you have a favourite moment or scene? When Lane and his whole friendship group when to the pyjama movie night in fancy clothes and they all had the best times of their life.

Were you surprised by the ending? The ending was so surprising that I nearly cried when I finished it on the train. I didn’t want the book to end, I really wanted to see their lives after the TB.

Rate ‘Extraordinary Means’ out of 10. 9/10 it was absolutely amazing!

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