‘So many authors use cliché cliques, but Robin didn’t.’ Kieran reviews Robyn Schneider’s ‘Extraordinary Means’.

If you’re looking for a new book to sweep you off your feet and carry you out of the darkness of “meh” literature, then Robyn Schneider is your girl. Well, at least we at MP! think so.

Our pal, MP!er and book blogger Kieran applied to read ‘Extraordinary Means’ through our You Review section in exchange for an honest review. Let’s see what’s on his bucket list shall we?

KieranName: Kieran

Age: 19

Had you heard of Robyn Schneider before reading ‘Extraordinary Means’? If not, would you consider reading more of her books?
I had heard of Robyn Schneider before reading ‘Extraordinary Means’, but I’ve never read anything by her. After reading ‘Extraordinary Means’ I’d definitely read more by her!

What do you think of the cover?
I have mixed views on the cover. I really like the colours used and the tone it sets (Using the tree design and making it into a set of lungs), but I’m not entirely fussed on the author font, it looks a little out of place.

ExtraDid this book meet your expectations, or surprise you?
It did surprise me! I’m not a fan of books with illnesses, but this one was really well done.

Who was your favourite character?
Both Sadie and Lane were great, fun characters that I easily connected too. When they’re very well fleshed out, you start to feel like they’re a friend of yours rather than a character in a book.

Did you have a favourite moment or scene?
I honestly loved the beginning scene. Seeing Lane go through the tour of Latham House was interesting because it did resemble real life! So many authors use cliché cliques, but Robin didn’t; I enjoyed that! The scene where Sadie and Lane discussed whether she disliked him was also nice to read about because it showed a growth in both characters.

Were you surprised by the ending?
Yes and No. There’s always a lot of predictable moments in books like these, especially when they involve an illness. But it was still enjoyable.

Rate ‘Extraordinary Means’ out of 10?
I’d give it a 7. A perfectly good read.

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