Rizzle Kicks, ‘Roaring 20s’ – amazing album alert!

They’re the handsome duo and Olly Murs collaborators whose brand of hip-hop pop have kept our toes tapping all summer and now they’ve gone and released their second album, the appropriately-titled ‘Roaring 20s’ to huge anticipation. The question is, have the handsome twosome kept their brand of successful music or have they lost that magic that made us fall for them?

Fortunately, Rizzle Kicks have kept their unique formula of catchy hooks and lyrics over pulsing Nineties-inspired hip-hop jams that are perfect for late-night house parties and the late summer barbecues for when the weather gets nicer.

However, they’re all about the loss of youth and the awkwardness of their – and our – generation. Songs like the catchy opener ‘This Means War’ and the storming lead single ‘Lost Generation’ are all about how the economy, unemployment rates and weird culture have led to a weird disconnect for our generation. Deep much, fellas?

They’ve also roped in some awesome samples for us – album highlight ‘Skip to the Good Bit’ channels EMF’s ‘Unbelievable’ for a catchy track while ‘The Reason I Live’ features Jamie Cullum and is a big blast of Nineties R&B pop.

The whole album feels like a forgotten collection for the Nineties as Harley and Jordan bring us through a fantastically solid run of fun tracks like ‘Jam Yourself’ and ‘Keep It Up’, and the sweet and upbeat mini-track ‘Everything Will Be Better in the Morning’.

Not every track is a winner – ‘Biscuits’ is a bit of a silly throwaway track and ‘I Love You More Than You Think’ for all its sweet sentiment is as cliche as crying during ‘The Notebook’. Still, the great tracks more than make up for it and any doubt that the leads weren’t able to follow up with a strong second album is pretty much gone. Just keep being cute as hell and fantastic rappers, singers and songwriters, guys, and we’ll keep skipping straight to your stuff all the time.

‘Roaring 20s’ is out now. Listen to ‘Skip to the Good Bit’ below:

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