BIG INTERVIEW: We chat to Jordan from Rizzle Kicks about speedos, leap frogging with The Saturdays and the manliness of Jason Derulo…

Summer is just around the corner and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for some Rizzle Kicks action! The boys will be playing the UK Live festival throughout June alongside a host of other amazing pop stars so we sat down with Jordan from the band to get some backstage gossip and discuss the matters of the days such as the fashionability of speedos and whether or not Jason Derulo can be considered the ‘ultimate’ man… 

MP!: Jordan from Rizzle Kicks is on the phone. Hi!

Jordan: Yo!

MP!: Yo! How is it going? Alright?

Jordan: Tres bonne, yeah. And you?

MP!: Tres bonne, tres bien, yeah, pretty good, french. Summer is coming, its good for Rizzle Kicks. I feel like you’re a summer band.

Jordan: That’s not a bad shout actually no. I’d say it is a seasonal advantage for us as Rizzle Kicks yeah. Weirdly enough we’ve made a lot of our music in the summer and end up releasing it in the winter, but I suppose it comes alive again in the summer. I feel like summer is here already man, I’m outside, I’m wearing a shirt! It’s nice! I’m relaxed.

MP!: Is good, isn’t it? What’s your summer look? Is it shirt and speedos or shirt and flip flops, what’s the vibe?

Jordan: I don’t think I’ve worn speedos since I was a very young child.

MP!: I feel like Tom Daley tried to bring them back but I’m not man enough to pull them off.

Jordan: He wears it like a uniform though so I mean if I was in a job that required speedos I wouldn’t argue. However I’m not so I’ve chosen jean shorts and a shirt. I think maybe as sporty as I’ll go is football shorts.

MP!: Fair enough, that’s probably a good move, probably for the best. You’re doing 3 shows called UK Live, late in the summer, I see what they’ve done with the name there, it’s live and it’s in the UK so that’s good. Big line ups, they’re gonna be huge shows, Jessie J, The Saturdays, The Vamps, also Jason Derulo, have you met him before?

Jordan: Yeah, couple of times.

MP!: Have you? He seems like the ultimate man, right? He’s ripped and he’s got lovely voice.

Jordan: The ultimate man, did you say?

MP!: I think so, I think Jason Derulo is the ultimate man, isn’t he?

Jordan: Right, I wouldn’t really know what to look for in the ultimate man. He has a lot going for him, um I haven’t really managed to have a decent conversation with him. I kind of had a joking conversation with him after Celebrity Juice which ended in me giving him the wrong number by accident. But I do really like the song ‘Talk Dirty’ and as far as personality he’s really good at dancing so that’s like another, I suppose tick.

MP!: Yeah he can do back flips and stuff, I’m jealous.

Jordan: He can do back flips, he sometimes wears spikey clothing.

MP!: Exactly, yeah. He can probably pull off speedos, I feel.

Jordan: Yeah, if he wanted to wear speedos I’m sure he could.

MP!: Yeah, good to know. Recently I went along to a show with Rixton, they’re also playing Uk Live!

Jordan: Rixton.

MP!: Yeah, do you know these boys?

Jordan: Yeah, we know Rixton, yeah we do! They’re our lads. They’re our boys, yeah. In the UK we share management and they’re very, very good guys, and they’re a brilliant band. We get along with them well. We might even be sharing a tour bus for those gigs.

MP!: Really? Good news, that’s good. And when I went to the show, when I went to the Rixton show in London, Harley came on and mounted Jake from Rixton on stage.

Jordan: *laughs* Yeah he did, he gave him a piggy back. Jake gave him a piggy back.

MP!: Yeah, yeah I was going to ask are you planning on mounting anyone at UK Live?

Jordan: *laughs* I don’t know if anything’s set, we don’t have a plan mounting people ahead of time but I don’t really know the timings or anything we’ll have to see how it works out.

MP!: It’s the kind of thing you need to nail isn’t it because it could go very wrong.

Jordan: Yeah I mean like it could be an inside joke but you need to be able to sort of relate that inside joke to like 70,000 people so.

MP!: Yeah in-jokes don’t really go down that well at festivals.

Jordan: Yeah cause it’s only funny for a moment and if it ruins the set – potentially not funny.

MP!: Yeah exactly, if you were going to mount someone on the bill who would you choose to mount?

Jordan: I wouldn’t mind mounting Una from The Saturdays and then high fiving the rest of The Saturdays in like a line, in an orderly queue or we could just stick to the fun bit and like just do like leap frogs for the whole of their set, cause there’s enough people there. Yeah I think doing leap frogs with The Saturdays could potentially be on my bucket list.

MP!: Good yeah you’d be rude not to do that! I think that’s a good option. Has anything ever happened on a big festival stage that’s been a bit embarrassing? Have you ever fallen over and then sort of styled it out or anything like that?

Jordan: We did a gig at Bristol university, where Harley tripped over a guitar case while going up on stage. It was really funny.

MP!: Ok ok, good, did you sort of play it out and just go with it and pretend to…

Jordan: I don’t really know, there was a bit of smirking but most people were pissed.

MP!: Ahhhh, good work, fair play. You do dance round a lot on the stage. You run around and jump around, it’s a good show; do you have a sort of training program you’re in now, do you do some yoga, anything to get ready for that kind of thing?

Jordan: I eat ice cream and watch entourage, that’s my training regime.

MP!: Good, it’s everything you need, that’s good.

Jordan: Yeah, that’s all the nutrition and flexing I need.

MP!: Alright, yeah, you’ve got it covered. Are you rehearsing for shows now is that what you are up to right now?

Jordan: No, at the moment I’m actually in a television series, an E4 drama called ‘Blue’, I don’t know how it happened , I don’t know how I blagged it but it’s happening and it’s coming out in September. Harley is – we are also recording our third album, Harley’s got a film coming out in August so yeah big plans.

MP!: That’s exciting, what’s the TV show? Tell us a bit about that.

Jordan: Murdery mystery in a village. Normally it’s middle aged people like Midsummer Murders! But this is young so it’s unique in that respect.

MP!: It’s the sadder version of Midsummer Nights Murders I think.

Jordan: *laugh* Yeah, I didn’t look at it from that angle but you’re not wrong there.

MP!: Sounds epic, sounds good. Do you have to do very serious acting?

Jordan: Yeah, it’s a drama yeah. I haven’t done it before, I’m just kinda hoping I’m not rubbish, I think it’s alright there’s some brilliant actors in it and it’s written by Jack Thorne who is BAFTA award winning so.

MP!: Wow wow sounds cool. What’s Harley’s film? Can you say anything about that or not yet?

Jordan: Harley’s films called ‘Meet The Guvnors’ an independent film directed by Jake Turner opening at the Edinburgh film festival, I’ve obviously managed to see an exclusive screening as I am his best buddy and it’s brilliant so that’s very exciting as well. And our mate Charlie is in it too. He’s also brilliant in it.

MP!: Good stuff, you get to go to each others premieres then?

Jordan: Well I’d love to go to his premiere but it’s in bloody Edinburgh so i don’t know if I’ll be able to get there, but I’m really excited about going. Harley said we can go to the London screening so we’ll go to that.

MP!: Good stuff, it’s exciting times. You’re busy guys. Back to UK Live for a second, what’s your set going to look like on stage? What’s the Rizzle Kicks show going to look like?

Jordan: I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about set design yet but we have in the past just kind of confidently rested our unique selling point on the performance rather than the look, but it will be nice to have a few props. We might bring an inflatable dinosaur, but we might have a bit of a bigger band than when people have seen us before. We’ve got a DJ and a saxophonist, bass guitars, drums, some boxes to jump off and some banging tunes.

Cheers Jordan! 



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