Rixton reckon they could win in a dance off with Lionel Richie on a hotel ceiling…

There’s no broken hearts when the Rixton lads are in town, we only have heart eye emojis for those boys.

We caught up with them to have a little natter about their upcoming single ‘We All Want The Same Thing’ and debut album ‘Let The Road’. Of course we asked some silly questions too, we make ourselves look like fools in front of popstars so you don’t have to. 

Your album ‘Let The Road’ is out soon which is super exciting! What does the title mean? Is it something super philosophical? Or were you just sick of writing on the road? We like it either way.

Ha! It’s actually the first song on the album and when we were thinking about what to call the album it was kind of staring us in the face! Its taken us six years to be able to release our debut album and its been a journey from writing songs in Danny’s parent’s caravan to finally get the music out to our fans; so it felt like a natural album title.

There’s a track on your album called ‘Hotel Ceiling’ penned by Ed Sheeran, can you tell us a bit about that? How did that come about?

Ed has become a friend of ours but it all started out because he was working with our producer Benny Blanco and Benny told Ed about us. Before we knew it, they came to us with the idea and, as you can imagine, we were blown away! Ed is a superstar and so we’ve been humbled that along the way he’s always found time for us and given us some very wise nuggets of advice.

Do you think you could win in a dance off with Lionel Richie on your hotel ceiling?

Obviously we could! It sounds like a challenge! Is this something Maximum Pop! can arrange? Its could be bigger that Mayweather vs Pacquiao!!!

Yes of course we can, we’re always in contact with Lionel…

You’re supporting Ariana Grande this June at some massive venues, what song are you most looking forward to performing live? Can we expect some confetti cannons?

We’ve just finished the US Tour with Ariana and so we are primed and ready for the European shows! We have some special moments but don’t want to spoil the surprises of what we do in our set.

There’s another track on the album called ‘Beautiful Excuses’ what’s the best excuse you’ve used to get out of something?

Charley once got out of doing an interview because he was having a coughing fit after putting on too much hair spray!

Ahh, it’s easily done. The hairspray could never tastes nice either. Lastly if you could sum up the album as a whole in 1 emoji what would it be?


Thanks Rixton!

Rixton’s brand new single ‘We All Want The Same Thing’ is released May 31st and the album ‘Let The Road’ hits your speakers on June 8th.

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