Darryl Dishes: Rixton talk mechanical bulls, the Biebs and their American success

This week Darryl chats with the lads from Rixton, who are too fit for their own good. They dish the dirt on mechanical bull rides with Justin Bieber and emotional mums…aww.

“Oh, Rixton, they’re that new American band, right?” said a friend when I told her I’d be hanging out with them this week. I guess she can be forgiven for thinking that though, Jake, Charley, Lewi and Danny have spent a fair amount of time across the pond.

“We flew out to do a quick interview and ended up staying to do The Voice, Ellen and The Today Show. We wanted to break our home territory first but when you get a glimpse of hope in America you’ve got to take it and run” explained front man Jake, son of Eastenders’ Shane Richie and Coleen Nolan.

A fair point, not least when it’s the mighty Scooter Braun calling the shots. The band were picked up by the Bieb’s manager last year and haven’t looked back since. We last saw Scooter giving The Wanted a dressing down in The Wanted Life, but have Rixton been on the receiving end of a similar telling-off?

“We don’t really get told off,” insists Lewi. “We’re surprisingly professional.”

Although that doesn’t extend to a recent trip to Las Vegas, the city that proved to be The Wanted’s downfall, to support Bruno Mars. Jake decided it would be a good idea to take a shot after every song on a 20-song set, which left him needing to be carried to the plane by his bandmate Danny.

“There was a sick bag on the flight to Florida and I ended up using it. I handed it to the air hostess and said ‘I’ll sign it if you want love?’ I’m so ashamed!”

The band do have some reasons to be boastful though – superstar Justin Bieber joined them on stage during a performance in Texas and the lads got to hang out with Biebs after the show.

“He was with us for ages,” says Danny. “We rode a mechanical bull with him and Lewi beat his time – he wasn’t very happy about that!”

“It was funny because the machine only went up to 72,” Lewi added. “He came off at 65 and I stayed on till the end. He asked me what I got and I told him I’d made it to 72 and then he insisted he’d got to 80!”

So that’s Bieber conquered and America covered; now it’s time for an assault on the UK – after some much needed family time. The lads haven’t seen their parents for months and it all became too much for Jake’s Mum, Coleen.

“It’s strange, we try to FaceTime. I’d heard that she cried on the Loose Women because she was so proud of us on The Voice, which is highly embarrassing!”

Coleen ought to get used to missing her son, with a packed summer schedule and the USA crying out for more, Rixton will be spending a lot more time away from home.

Well if that wasn’t enough for you…can you ever get enough Rixton? Have a cheeky look at the boys having a chinwag on The Hits Radio!

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