Etsy just started selling this piece of cool af ‘Riverdale’ merch and you’ll SO wanna buy it

Take our money! Take it all!

There’s heaps of amazing ‘Riverdale’ merch out there – you only have to check out this massive list of it all to see that! Maximum Pop! may have just found the coolest ‘Riverdale’ steal ever, though, and you have Etsy to thank for it.

Kieron Collective have started selling the most badass South Side Serpant patch. That’s right, Jughead lovers. You can now take a trip to the rebellious side and have your very own Juggie inspired leather jacket. Check it out.

It’s dead simple to apply the patch to a jacket. All you’ve gotta do is set the iron onto the hottest setting that your chosen jacket can handle. Then place the patch on your jacket before covering it with either a tea towel or pillowcase.

Iron over the patch for 30 to 40 seconds. Then turn the jacket over and iron on the opposite side for a further 30 seconds. Wash the jacket and that’s it – you’ve now got a ‘Riverdale’ approved jacket.

Obviously, we’re gonna be buying a patch for all the ‘Riverdale’ lovers in our life. The motorbikes, rule-breaking and Southside Serpant attitude, however, are all optional.

What about you? Will you be snapping up a Southside Serpant patch? Let us know in the comments below. You can also find out what ‘Riverdale’ character you’re most like by taking out new quiz.

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Written by Emma Matthews

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