Rita’s got The Axe Factor: Here’s who we think should take her seat

It’s a sad time for ‘X Factor’ fans as it’s been announced that Rita has left after one series on the UK’s biggest talent show.


Miss Ora announced the sad news on Twitter yesterday.

The only confirmed judge left on the panel now is Simon. Correct us if we’re wrong but we don’t think the show can work with just one judge… so we’ve got a list of some potential candidates who could fill the remaining seats. 

Louis Tomlinson


We’ve been waiting three years now for this to happen. Surely now is the time for Tommo to take a place on the judging panel? He has experience on the other side of the desk by being a contestant and proving how successful the show can make you. Plus, imagine the banter between him and Simon as well as his category? That’s some great TV right there. 



Adele has the look, the voice, and she’s smart. Not to mention she’s down to Earth, despite being potentially the biggest star on the planet right now, so she’d make the contestants feel right at home. 

Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam has the experience of going from your average Joe to Superstardom and is definitely talented enough to know his vocal ranges. He’s also a very composed and calm man so he’d be easy to communicate with and open up to. 

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards

As a former winner of ‘The X Factor’ and with the knowledge of what it takes to be in a girl band of this generation, it would be amazing to see Pezza on the panel.

Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran

Need we say more? Ed is beyond talented, charming and has a lot of knowledge which he could share with future superstars. He’s gone from zero to hero and could definitely help start the dream career of others. 

Taylor Swift

taylor swift

America’s sweetheart has been in the industry for 10 years now and knows what the people want. She’s total sweetie, got the face of an angel and a good set of lungs on her. We definitely wouldn’t mind seeing her on the panel. 

Whaddya reckon? Think these potential candidates would be good as a judge or do you have an idea of your own? Tweet us your ideas @maximumpop and let’s suggest them to Uncle Si. 

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