Darryl Dishes: Rita Ora talks getting naked, Calvin Harris, calls with Jay Z and turning down the X Factor

Sticking chewing gum under the table. Pretending your message didn’t get through when you realise it’s been a week since you should have replied. “Accidentally” sending your ex a text that was meant for all your friends, confirming those super cool plans you (don’t) have. Walking around the house naked when nobody is home. All things we do but would never admit; unless you’re Rita Ora, that is.

I caught up with Mrs. Calvin Harris this week and she admitted that, with Calvin out of town a lot, she occasionally strips off and embraces the freedom.

“I love putting the heating on in my house and not being cold, and being naked at the same time!”

While we’re being honest… me too! But no naked cooking – that’s a disaster waiting to happen!

Rita also confessed that their busy work life can take its toll on the relationship, but they aren’t going to let it get in the way – new single, ‘I Will Never Let You Down’, is about how happy the couple are.

“If you really want to make something work you will, regardless of what happens, it’s just patience and trust really. Thank God technology exists!”

“It’s just about making sure each one of us are OK.”

Ah, how sweet.

And Calvin isn’t the only man on the end of her phone. Mentor and label boss Jay-Z has been in regular contact while she’s been making the new album.

“Him being a dad and being so successful, the fact that he still keeps up to date with how his business is running is amazing!”

Imagine feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket, you pull it out and see Jay-Z’s name flashing in your face, the thought alone gives me butterflies and Rita admitted it still makes her heart beat faster.

“Only because you wonder, is it a call saying I don’t like the video or we need to change a word on this? It’s all a great critique but only for the better”

And it could have been Rita doing the critique, had she accepted Simon Cowell’s persistent efforts to get her on the X Factor judging panel. She admitted it would have been too much with a tour and an album but she hasn’t ruled it out completely.

“’Come back to me in a few years’ was my answer, but I’ll definitely still watch it! People don’t give enough credit to the judges; you’re actually saying yes and no to people’s lives. It isn’t just a TV show… it’s a lot of pressure”

Watch this space.

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