Seven lovely things popstars did for their fans including RiRi’s pizza delivery service

On Wednesday 29th June, Saint Rihanna made an appearance. But not quite in physical form.


Rihanna heard her fans were queuing up outside the Emirates Old Trafford venue in the cold and the rain ahead of the ‘Anti Tour’ that was taking place later in the evening. So she did the only right thing to do: she sent them pizza and towels!

Actual QUEEN.

But Rihanna’s not the only person to do something amazing for her fans. In fact, we found seven more lovely things pop stars did for their fans and popped them all in here.

1) Zac Efron bought a fan a new phone: Okay so Zac isn’t exactly a pop star but this was too good of a story not to share. When a fan broke his phone trying to chase him, Zac offered to replace the phone for him. What a good guy.

2) Justin Bieber takes a fan to her Quincenera: Justin surprised a fan by taking her as his date to her Quincenera. He even picked out a few dresses for her to choose from.

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3) Ariana Grande buys cookies and hot cocoa for her fans: Ahead of her appearance at the 2014 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Ari sent some of her Arianators some sweet treats for being so patient, out in the cold.

4) Taylor Swift sends a fan $1989 to help pay off their college debts: Celebrating her album ‘1989’, Taylor sent one of her fans a cheque for $1989 to help pay for their college tuition fees.

5) Ed Sheeran donates his wardrobe: In 2014, Ed gave his entire wardrobe to local charity shops and gave the proceeds to charity.

6) Florence & The Machine surprised a sick fan and gave her a private concert: During her recent US tour, Florence stopped by Hospice Austin’s Christopher House in Texas with her guitarist to perform for a young lady who couldn’t attend her show as her health started to decline. Instead, she got her own private gig and got to sing with Florence herself.

7) Selena Gomez visits fans in hospital: Selena regularly visits some of her sick fans in hospital and back in May stopped by the Boston Children’s Hospital to visit those who couldn’t attend the local stop of the ‘Revival Tour’.

They’ve all got such huge hearts, haven’t they? What’s your favourite sweet pop star moment? Tell us on Twitter @maximumpop

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