In memory of Michael Clifford’s eyebrow piercing, here are its nine greatest moments

We will forever remember the day of 24th August 2016 when Michael Clifford of 5SOS came crashing down with the biggest truth bomb of the century, something we never expected.

Our lives were shattered on this fateful day. We never saw it coming and definitely not so soon. Maybe when he was like 50 years old. Let’s look back on its best moments ever. That little piercing has been on one big adventure. #RIPMichaelsEyebrowPiercing

The day it shined bright like a diamond at Madison Square Garden.


When we first saw it appear on Michael’s beautiful face.

Throwback to when it made us cry watching the ‘Jet Black Heart’ video.


It’s first night on the ‘ROWYSO’ tour.


When it finally got to achieve its dream. Becoming a hot dog.


Starring in a ‘The Late Late Show’ segment with James Corden.


Reaching it’s absolute peak. Glam Rock.


These GIFs that show Michael and his piercings true beauty.




The last possible photo of it EVER.

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