R.I.P. HMV – 5 things we’ll miss most

HMV announced last night that they were calling in the administrators – business code for saying they haven’t closed officially yet, but things don’t look good. For years HMV has been the ONLY place to stock up on the latest music, films, games, and in recent years, iPod docks, JLS posters and t-shirts. Here Maximum Pop! take a fond, nostalgic look back over the things we’ll miss the most about HMV.

1The crazy signings

Over the years, big HMV stores were *the* place for artists to get closer to their fans – briefly that is, before shooing them away and ushering up the next person in line. If you, like us, have ever woken up at 6am to queue for priority wristbands and the chance of one-to-one face time and maybe a picture with Harry Styles, then you’ll know what we mean.  Many of Maximum Pop!’s favourite artists were the best for doing CD signings, and we’ll really miss those opportunities once HMV is gone.

2 Overpriced promotional tat

HMV sold CDs and DVDs, yes, but over the years they also began to stock an insane range of popstar merchandise. Coasters, stickers, badges, calendars, annuals, posters, t-shirts, mugs, you name it – if it had a picture of One Direction or JLS on it, they sold it.

3 2 for a tenner

We all know Amazon was cheaper than HMV. To be honest, that’s probably the main reason HMV are going under in the first place. But you can’t argue that HMV didn’t have their own share of fairly good deals too, and our favourite was the 2 for £10 deal. That CD you didn’t want to pay full price for at the time it came out, and one for your mum’s Christmas present, all for a tenner. Even in the age of illegal downloading, we think that was pretty reasonable.

 Getting us to buy things we never knew we wanted

Amazon had the bigger range, but in HMV you’d wander in and find 5 things you never knew you desperately needed and come out forgetting to buy the thing you went in for.

5 Making loitering socially acceptable

We’ve all had that moment – you arrive somewhere 15 minutes earlier than everyone else you’re meeting and have to endure lingering around on the high street, looking like a lemon, until they arrive. HMV was the place where you could shuffle around and pretend to look at things without looking shifty or suspicious. Perhaps we should have actually taken that CD to the counter more often, but thank you HMV, for making us less awkward – at least on the outside.

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