7 times Rihanna shone bright like a diamond at her London Wembley gig

We went to see Rihanna at Wembley Stadium last night and it changed our lives.


Here are our seven favourite moments from the ‘ANTi Tour’, in no particular order (we grew up watching ‘The X Factor’, okay).

🎈 ‘Stay’

Usually at concerts, you expect a big opening. For example, Little Mix coming down from the ceiling on the ‘Get Weird Tour’. Here though, Rihanna walked on through a gap in the crowd to perform the amazing ‘Stay’. We’ve seen lots of big concerts but this was one of the best openings we’ve ever seen.

🎈‘Pour It Up’

Fans expecting to see the massive hits (ie ‘Only Girl’, ‘What’s My Name’ and ‘Don’t Stop The Music’) would have been disappointed by the ‘ANTi’-heavy setlist. One of the best old tracks though was ‘Pour It Up’, which still sounds as fresh today as it did when we first heard it on ‘Unapologetic’.

🎈 ‘Desperado’

There were so many moments during the show where you could just see that Rihanna loved the song she was singing. One such moment was ‘ANTi”s ‘Desperado’, which went off in the stadium as a result. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was the next single.

🎈 ‘Man Down’

The costumes on the tour were one of the big highlights too. They weren’t costumes really though, more just chic outfits. Our favourite was the black hood Rihanna wore during ‘Man Down’. We also loved the new remix she performed of it.

🎈 ‘Take Care’/’We Found Love’/’Where Have You Been’

Rihanna veered away from politics during the show (on such a political day), but she did make a subtle nod to LGBTQ people during ‘Take Care’ and ‘We Found Love’. From the rainbow backdrop to the vogueing, it was just a really lovely moment.

🎈 ‘FourFiveSeconds’

‘FourFiveSeconds’ was such a weird comeback single, wasn’t it? We never really got it until we saw it live. It was the singalong moment of the night; the moment when you hugged the person next to you and screamed along until you lost your voice.

🎈 ‘Love On The Brain’

The absolute highlight though was ‘Love On The Brain’. She was the most emotive we’ve ever heard her, but still the vocals were the strongest they’ve ever been. It was such a touching moment in a really quite flawfree set (we can’t lie we cried a bit).

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