Rihanna does the impossible in stiletto heels, proving her goddess status

“They can say whatever. I’ma do whatever.” Rihanna doesn’t play around with her song lyrics and she proved exactly that when she  did what she wanted this week, despite it being 100% impossible.rihanna

Anyone who’s worn heels before knows that subway grates are the absolute enemy. It’s pretty much impossible to walk over them without falling through and breaking your ankle (or worse).

Well, except if you’re Rihanna. ‘Cause she does whatever she wants. Have a look at the pure magic in action in these photos:



Is she even human? What kind of magical powers does she possess? Can we have whatever Rihanna’s having? So many questions.

Even her fans can’t get over it and took to Twitter to discuss her goddess status:

C’mon, tell us your secret RiRi.

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