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Rihanna is fast becoming the new Adele of music records after becoming the first female artist to notch up 2 billion views on Vevo. RihRih announced the news on Twitter yesterday straight after she hit the milestone, her total views currently stand at 2,066,920,790. She’s not far off Bieber who has nearly 2.3 billion whilst Gaga is slacking with 1.8 billion.

What’s a man to do when he can’t backflip? JLS’ Aston decided to busy himself during some LA downtime yesterday by teasing us on Twitter. He started off by retweeting a load of fan messages begging the boys to collab with artists like Bieber, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Pixie Lott before whipping everyone up into a frenzy by appearing to have a serious think about the star duets, with Bieber and Chris Brown his top picks. Could these be hints for the next album or was Aston just having some fun?

Yesterday we caught you up on the latest Sugababes news, both from the originals and Sugababes Rebooted. After Heidi hinted at some solo plans, Amelle has now jumped on the bandwagon and revealed more details about  her own solo material. The singer has hinted that her first solo single will be called ‘Rebel’ after using the word as a Twitter hashtag numerous times over the weekend. Apparently we can expect to hear the track “very soon.” Excited?


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Filed under “Not very surprising but exciting news” it’s been rumoured that Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, wants to represent The Wanted in the US. Scooter met the group last year when they supported Bieber in London and was the one who secured their now legendary (MP! have it playing on a constant loop) slot on The Ellen show. According to “a source” the manager is “always on the lookout for the next big thing” and his instincts tell him TW could be big news in the US. With Bieber and TW on his books Scooter could soon be our new BFF.

Destiny’s Child reunite! Sorry did you just let collapse in hysterical tears? We’re exaggerating slightly, get up. Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce actually just got together for a little baby bonding session. Kelly and Michelle visited B and little Blue Ivy in New York last week and apparently struck up a bit of singsong to entertain the new addition. We bet B hogged the best lines on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’

Katy Perry has come up with a new plan to squeeze the last bits of cash from her Teenage Dream album, that’s right a re-release! According to reports Katy is preparing to unveil a special edition sub-titled The Complete Confection (clever) in the US in March. Previously leaked tracks ‘Dressing Up’ and ‘Part Of Me’ (which have now been completely wiped from YouTube)are likely to appear on the new edition, alongside new versions of current tracks.


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