What mountain is Ricky Dillon climbing next? We talk to him about his new book ‘Follow Me’

Ricky Dillon’s book ‘Follow Me’ came out on the 7th June and we got the chance to talk to him all about it. That, and his fave ‘Hannah Montana’ jam, because who doesn’t love a bit of Hannah in their lives? Dull people, that’s who.


Hi, Ricky! We’re so excited about the fact you now have a book out, congratulations! What went through your head when you were first approached about a potential book deal?

“Thank you so much! And actually, at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. I didn’t want people to think I was just another YouTuber hopping aboard the book train. I told myself I only wanted to accept the offer if I had an idea I felt really passionate about it. So I just let myself think about it naturally, and a really good idea came to me — to have a variety of fun challenges throughout the book that the readers and I could all do together. I loved the idea of telling stories of my life while also creating a fun, interactive experience for fans as well.”

What inspired the concept of ‘Follow Me’ and what do you think makes it stand out against what other YouTubers have been doing recently?

“The idea that inspired ‘Follow Me’ was actually those quote or word of the day calendars. I thought it would be cool to have a challenge a day, but then it eventually changed and became more of a memoir with challenges throughout. I think the books stands out because you can totally just sit down and read it if you want to, but it also gives you the option to go outside and do fun challenges, interact with other people, and share them online with specific hashtags.”

You said in the book that you used to use YouTube to watch Hannah Montana videos, so we’ve got to ask… What was your absolute Hannah Montana jam?

“Haha yes! And ‘Rockstar’ will always be my top jam.”

Obviously music is a huge part of who you are and your career, so we wanted to pose perhaps the hardest question imaginable to you. What’s the thing you’re most proud of producing: your album ‘Gold’ or ‘Follow Me’?

“I love my album ‘Gold’ so much! But I think I’m more proud of my book.”

Team Internet is absolutely killing it in terms of breaking into other industries beyond YouTube. We’d love to know your fave book by another YouTuber and why it stood out to you?

“There’s still several I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, so this answer may change one day but I loved Jenn McAllister’s book. It stood out a lot because I’ve been following her on YouTube since her very early days, and now she’s become one of my best friends. I just loved seeing everything from her perspective that I’ve watched over the last 6sixor so years. But also…Miranda Sings’ book is SO FUNNY.”

We’d love to give you the opportunity to plug away any exciting projects you might have coming up, so what’s next in the life of Ricky Dillon so that we can get prematurely excited about it?

“Actually for once in (what I feel like) 2 or 3 years, I really don’t have any secret projects I’m working on! I just spent a year working so long and hard on both my album and my book, and now that they’re both out, I just want to let that soak in and enjoy, and really focus on my YouTube videos for a little bit. I DO, however, really want to give a solid effort at pursuing acting; it’s something that I really love, but have yet to really give a fair chance at going after. Now that I have more time, I want to pursue that more. Nothing is planned as of now though, but that’s what’s fun!”

Lastly, can you sell ‘Follow Me’ in the most enticing and ridiculous way possible?

“Buy my book ‘Follow Me’ or else! JK but buy it; it’s fun, and I wanna see your challenges!”

If that hasn’t sold it to you, we’re not sure what will. We can’t wait to get our hands on a copy and do all of the challenges! Tweet us @maximumpop with your attempts, and the all important hashtags within the book.

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