WATCH: Richard Rawson proves to be brave riding DETONATOR: Bombs Away @ Thorpe Park Resort Live

Richard Rawson was recently at Thorpe Park Resort Live and decided he was daring enough to ride DETONATOR: Bombs Away whilst visiting the park.

You have our respect, Mr Rawson. Not many people would want to go on that.

freaked out

If you fancy spending a day of your summer hols with some other emerging artists, then why not pop along to Thorpe Park Resort Live?  One of Britain’s biggest theme parks have joined forces with Showcase Live to bring you some of the music industry’s rising talent every Saturday between now and September.

Showcase Live is the ultimate performance and promotion platform for new artists. So if you want to find the next big thing before the world then you should definitley check them out,

For more information on the awesome work that Showcase Live does, then you should click here.

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