Rich & Kat from The Big Top 40 – The Big Interview

On Sunday we took MP! mascot Braithwaite on a rare day out to visit Rich Clarke and Kat Shoob – the comforting voices behind the Big Top 40 chart show, broadcast every Sunday between 4 and 7pm. In between making sure Braithwaite didn’t press the “Do Not Push” button, we got to sit in whilst the show was aired live and even chat to the presenters about the best and worst pop star guests, who they’d love to interview in the future, and whether or not they’ve ever done something that got them a massive telling off.

Keep reading to see our exclusive Big Interview with Rich & Kat!

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First things first – who is the best pop star guest you’ve had on the show?

Rich: Best for entertainment value, I’d say would be Example. Because he just says random stuff – probably also the best at making our producer’s life a misery as well, because it’s really difficult to control what comes out of his mouth.

Kat: That’s the same with Calvin Harris. Bit too random. Fun wise, I think Bruno Mars. Because he just gets it and likes to play along – and also you don’t have to say too much, he just goes with it. Best interview ever.

What about the worst? No avoiding this one.

Rich: We don’t really have really bad guests, but we do have really bad managers of guests. Sometimes they will be so prepped and they’ll be answering questions not to us and answering it to their management – usually the big American stars are like that.

Kat: The big rappers always come in with big bodyguards and they look like wardrobes, they’re so big.

Rich: We couldn’t get into the studio once because the bodyguards wouldn’t let us in. We were the ones doing the interview… Brilliant. So it’s never the guests, the guests are always fine but usually there’s somebody sat to the left or right of them and the guest is so scared of that person and are a bit more “Err, I don’t know whether I should answer that.”

Hmm. We’ll let you off with that. Has anything ever gone out live on air that wasn’t meant to?

Rich: Kat.

Kat: Bitch. I’m here all year! Erm, the wrong number, sometimes?


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Rich: Yeah I’ve played the wrong number sometimes. Oh and I played the wrong song once. Quite a lot actually. Weekly.

Very professional. Has anything ever happened that’s got you into a lot of trouble?

Rich: Kat.

Kat: (Laughs) It usually is me. But because we pre-record some of the interviews, they can edit me out.

Rich: I was joking!

Kat: It’s true!

Rich: We’ve never really got into that much trouble, have we?

Kat: No, I don’t think so. Stick around though, there’s always time.

Finally, who would you cut off your left arm to interview in the future?

Kat: (Stares at Rich for ages) I know exactly what you’re gonna say.

Rich: Madonna, I’ve never interviewed Madonna. I think Madonna’s the biggest pop star in the world and is the only one I haven’t interviewed, who I would love to. Actually think it’d be the only person I’d be terrified to interview as well. If the artist has been around since before I was working in radio, I get more nervous about interviewing them, than artists who haven’t been around. And Madonna’s been around forever.

Kat: Gallagher brothers. I think I’d quite like to interview them. I think you’ve interviewed them?

Rich: Yeah I have. And I was scared about them, but they were fine. But yeah, Madonna would be great.


All right Rich, we get it. We’ll give M a buzz when we’ve got chance and sort it out for you!

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