Reviewer Roundup: ‘The Square Root of Summer’ “was just a genuinely fantastic book.”

Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s debut ‘The Square Root of Summer’ is the perfect read as the days start getting warmer. It’s equal parts quirky, cute and heartbreaking. Hapgood’s writing isn’t an art, it’s a science.

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And while protag Gottie might be getting lost inside the wormholes of her present situation, when we dug around the interwebs for YOUR reviews, the answer was pretty clear. 

This time around we’re looking to Ryley from Ryley Reads and Saffy from Reading at 3am.

Let’s address the science question. It’s been floating around. Is it too much? Ryley says “Does it get a little science-y? Yes. Did some of it go a bit over my head? Yes.”

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But “Does it take away from the book? No, definitely not.”
Saffy adds “When I let go of needing to understand the physics (a hard task for a future scientist), I found myself enchanted by Gottie’s story.”

So Gottie (Margot “Gottie” H. Oppenheimer) is a fly main character to follow? Ryley said this of her: “Gottie is such an incredible character. She is smart, but also fairly in tune with her ability to socialize and interact with other people.”

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Saffy: I loved Gottie’s mature narrative voice…Her quiet, sometimes wavering self confidence coupled with her brilliance, charm and wit made her such a relatable and interesting heroine.”

There is a strong theme of friendship and family in this book. Saffy says “I was most interested by her relationship with Sof. I felt the hollowness of a lost friendship as keenly” and that “the relationship she had with her family was also truly touching.”


To sum up, Ryley says “I think the important thing to remember here is that yes there is romance and time travel, but this is a story about grief.”

Saffy: “This is a thoughtful and stirring exploration of friendship, love, family, loss and growing up, intertwined with lashings of time travel and science!”

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