Find out why some readers are mad at ‘The Outliers’ author Kimberly McCreight – #cliffhangermuch?

‘The Outliers’ by Kimberly McCreight has been described as “break-neck”. We take that “break-neck” and raise it a “badass”.

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But don’t just take our word for it. Lawd no. We’ve had a scout around the net to read YOUR reviews, and this time we’ve chosen Beth from duckduckbooks and Zach from Zach’s Ya Reviews to dish all the dirt on this book.Need a quick rundown to tell you what ‘The Outliers’ is about? Beth does a top notch job: “Basically it’s about a girl named Wylie who finds out that her best friend goes missing and to find her, Cassie sends her cryptic texts to try to find her.”

Bosh. So what is there to say about the protagonist, Wylie? “Wylie isn’t your typical YA heroine, she’s a strong character for sure, but she doesn’t really fit into the archetype of the typical heroine“, says Zach.

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He continues: “Wylie is a many layered character and I really liked her development over the course of this book, it’s subtle but it’s there.”

Beth adds- “I also like that our main character is “unreliable” she has paranoia and anxiety. She seems to question a lot of things that she experiences and since we are in her shoes, that’s how we experience the book.


She goes on to say of the story: “I knew going into this book that it was a YA mystery and I haven’t always had the best luck with the subgenre, but this one blew me away…Every chapter seemed to have a plot twist that made me just go HOLY CRAP.

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The foreshadowing in this book is ON POINT! I love the way the author weaves key pieces of information into the text as if they’re just throw away lines of world-building is astonishing.” Says Zach.


In conclusion, Beth: “By the time I finished it, it seemed like a whole new book but in the best way possible. I will be anxiously awaiting the sequel to this great first in a series.

Zach: “it wasn’t until I was actually reading the end, when the full impact of the ending hit me. I’m excited for the next book, mad at the author for leaving it like that, and just overall emotionally drained.”

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