Reviewer Roundup: Love Song by Sophia Bennett is “a sensational, heartwarming read”

Sophia Bennett’s new book ‘Love Song’ is as tuneful and catchy as your favourite record. Following protagonist Nina as she’s thrust into the world of the world’s biggest boy band, The Point; we think it’s a chart topper.


Did ‘Love Song’ make your hearts sing? We’ve had a dig around the interwebs and this time we’ve chosen Kirsty from The Overflowing Library and Kyra from Blog of a Bookaholic to spill the tea on this title.

Shall we start off with our protagonist, Nina? “I loved Nina,” says Kyra, “and I felt she was an incredibly realistic character that many girls can relate to – myself included. She was sensible, smart, mature and cautious.” She continues to say: “I also loved about Nina was how real she was, she was layered and had dimensions and she felt like a real person – by the end of the novel, she felt something like a best friend.”

best friends

Kirsty says “I adored the lead in this book. Nina is so normal yet really awesome too. I adored her in the way in which she did her thing and stood her ground and wasn’t distracted by the fact that she was dealing with the hottest band in the world.”

But that adoration isn’t just limited to Nina. Kyra says “every single character in this book had their own distinct personality and I fell in love with every one of them.” Kirsty adds: “I loved the boys in this book and found myself swooning over them”.

And the romance? Kyra explains how it “had me shrieking and crying and smiling and hugging the book to my chest.”

anime love

What about the music? “I loved that it was based around a band. Over the years I’ve craved books like this mostly because I think they appeal to my inner teenager who loved boy bands”, says Kirsty. And Kyra goes on to say that “the thoughts on the indescribable way music can make us feel and the desire to create something like what we’ve just heard. After I’d finished this book, I was inspired to fill the world with a harmony that had been left unsung.”

music dance

Overall, Kyra says “‘Love Song’ was a sensational, heartwarming read that I fell completely in love with.”

Kirsty: “I want a sequel. Hell I want a series of sequels.”

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