Reviewer Roundup: L. A. Weatherly’s ‘Broken Sky’ is “a book that will blow you away with every aspect”

‘Broken Sky’ by L. A. Weatherly is a YA film noir brought to life, and startling colour, on the page. Set in a dystopian future where war has been illegalised, what’s a country to do when they have a dispute?

Pit their best pilots against each other, that’s how. It’s totally above board and definitely not rigged in any way… *cough*

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We love the beans out of this book, but don’t just take OUR word for it. We’ve dug around the treasure trove of reviews the internet has to offer to showcase what y’all thought too. 

We look to Bea from Beatrice Learns to Read and Alisha from Reality’s A Bore to give us all the goss on ‘Broken Sky’.

“I was intrigued from the start, the book has an air of mystery to it,” says Alisha, and Bea found it easy to jump into this alternate world describing it as “realistic and immensely detailed.”

And what about that plethora of characters? Bea says “one thing that I love about this book among a million other reasons are the characters” and that “every character in this book has a significant role in the story and not just some display.” And Alisha agrees, saying that “each and every character, whether secondary or main, was brilliantly written.”


Alisha talks about the plot saying that “there’s a lot to untangle” and  “all of these many threads come together to give us a complex and completely engrossing plot… there’s never a dull moment and the book gets more and more compelling.”

The book is written from two different perspectives; Amity in 1st person and Kay in 3rd. Did this make it a jarring read? Bea thinks not, she says “I think it was better that way since it left Kay’s thoughts as mysterious as her character.” Alisha adds that “having Kay’s perspective allowed us to see what both countries were like.”


The story also shifts in time, showing flashbacks in Amity’s life. Alisha says “I particularly enjoyed the trips back to the past, they where a nice break in the narrative…and provided more mystery and more puzzle pieces.”


Bea: “I highly recommend this book to everyone, will shove it to you (nicely) if I have to.”

Alisha: “I don’t know what else to say, other than it’s a fantastic start to a brilliant new trilogy that I can tell I’m going to be obsessed with because it’s going to be very, very good!”

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