Reviewer Roundup: Jennifer Donnelly’s ‘These Shallow Graves’ “has everything I look for in a book”

Mystery, suspicion, secrets, murder? Jennifer Donnelly’s ‘These Shallow Graves’ has it all.


But we don’t want you to just take OUR word for it. We went searching around the net to see what YOU thought of it. This time we turn to LostinFantasy and Medini from Goodreads to give us the scoop.

So, what do we think of Jo? “This character, Jo Montfort, is one I really connected to and liked”, says LostinFantasy. And Medini adds that “the secondary characters, especially Oscar and Fairy Fay were outstanding.”


What about themes? LostinFantasy says “I loved the feminist themes in this book” and “that Jo’s entire life and perspective changes and broadens in the story, especially when she meets people who open her eyes, who befriend her, and even love her.”


Romance, then? “The best part had to be the romance between Jo and Eddie. It was that burning, passionate longing which made me so, so incredibly happy! Their chemistry was sizzling”, explains Medini.


LostinFantasy adds: “The romance in this book was one that really worked for me” but also “there was female friendship in this story that was beautiful and one of my favorite parts.”

Does the plot keep you guessing? Medini says “the mystery was engrossing. I had guessed two of the major ones pretty early, but the other revelations were surprising.”


In summary, LostinFantasy says: “The characters were wonderfuul, the twists breath-taking, and the events (most especially the climax) suspenseful. And of course, the romance swoon-worthy with a little bit of forbidden-romance angst — the kind you can care about.”

And Medini: “The epilogue was bittersweet and hopeful at the same time…but I guess some things are best left unwritten. That way the story never ends, and I wish this one never would.”

You can grab your copy of ‘These Shallow Graves’ right here, right now, yo.

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