Reviewer Roundup: ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern “is FEELS from start to finish”

Cecelia Ahern’s YA debut, ‘Flawed’ has just dropped. Set in a dystopian world where you can be tried and tested on your moral imperfections. To be found ‘Flawed’ is to become a outcast. Branded a criminal. Treated with disdain. But for Celestine, this is the only way of living she has ever known, until her own morals are put to the test.

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If you’ll allow us the pun, we could call this book ‘flawless’. But you don’t want to just take our word for it. It’s that time again where we dig around the interwebs to see what others have to say about it.

We’re mashing up two top notch reviews from Mel @ Dat Little Blog and Beth @ Betwixt the Pages. Enjoy.

Since we’re living in the pages of a different world, how was that? “I really enjoyed the whole world building” says Mel, whereas Beth comments on how the author “thrusts readers into the midst of the world she’s created, immediately introducing our main protagonist”.


And how did Celestine hold up as a protag? Beth says “you’ll be rooting for our main character before you even really get to know her” and whereas Mel admits she didn’t instantly warm to Celestine, “I felt that she became more sympathetic. More understanding. More human” as the story developed.


One thing both agree on is how intense, and sometimes how dark, elements of this book got. “The plot?” says Beth, “It’s intense. From the get-go, this read is fast-paced, action-packed, and disgustingly REAL. And I say that meaning it in the best way possible.”

too real

Mel: “The descriptions were so vivid that I could feel, see and smell whatever Celestine was doing. It was so, so wrong. And twisted. And so many other things,” Mel explains, continuing to say that “Everything is vivid. How people treat those who are flawed. The injustice. The lack of respect and tolerance. The absurdity of it all. It broke my heart.”

Beth warns that “this is not your fluffy, romantic, every day read. There are some heavy subjects happening in these pages, and there are some pretty tough moments to read,” however, “if you’re willing, this book will change you—as a person AND a reader.”

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And Mel finishes with this: “…overall? I loved this book! It got my heart and soul, and I am thinking of re-reading it… A dozen times maybe. Or more.”

Convinced? You can get your copy of ‘Flawed’ here.

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